Day 2

It was like a slippery slope.. Huhu

Physiology – fair but there were still MCQs with choices so out of this world (or too related to each other that I couldn’t see the best answer. Was that just me?)
Legal Med – ’twas ok.
Pathology – uuuuughhhh so hard



Day 1


Biochemistry – was easier than I expected 🙂
Anatomy – they should’ve renamed it as the Surgery exam, haha! It was difficult.
Microbiology – lots of questions about gonorrhea, not much about viruses.

Answering was fine. Making sure you followed all the instructions makes you a bit paranoid but it’s alright. What tired me out the most was the postmortem ‘alam nyo yung sagot sa..’ questions that others make after the exam. I reaaaally don’t want to know right after the exam okay.. Haha.

3 more days!