s/p Whattaduty

2 mortalities, 1 morbidity in a span of one night.

It really is sad when a young life ends so abruptly. I could not imagine the anguish of these parents..

Therefore.. Pedia is not really in my shortlist of probable residency options. Yes, I love kids, but seeing them unwell and lacking in energy makes me so sad.


(Supposedly) The Last Entry for 2009

(not really in order)
This year 
I’m glad I was able to finish
1. gathering handedness data from more than a thousand families
2. my thesis with the unorthodox topic haha
3. my bio degree!
4. first sem of med!
I’m happy I was able to start..
1. my life as a medical student
2. a relatively more independent life in manila
3. wearing contacts
I went to both new and familiar places
1. Cebu
2. Bohol
3. Albay
4. Batangas
I surprised myself by
1. daring to wear shorts for a dance number (first time promise!).. and another.. and another
2. trying out street, jazz, pinoy, jopazz.. :)) and appearing 4 times for TRP
3. signing up for a sorority haha
4. forcing myself to learn how to apply makeup on my own kasi kailangan. yes i’m that clueless haha
5. realizing i love dissecting cadavers
I’m thankful for these opportunities
1. participating in a medmish
2. volunteering for Ondoy relief ops
3. reaching out to PGH patients during the holidays
I feel blessed to have met, for the first time
1. upcm class 2014 (walang katapat!) 😀
2. org-mates and future org-mates 😀
I feel more blessed to have by my side
1. my family (kahit sa text lang, ayos na!)
2. my friends
3. my BFFs
siyempre si God 🙂
2009 was my year of endings, beginnings, and amazing opportunities. It was a good year, and I thank Him with all my heart 🙂
On to 2010 friends! Happy new year!