Chuva Chuva Chever Chever Borlalu Borlalu

I woke up at around 6.45, 15 minutes after I was supposed to leave home for my 7.30 class.


I arrived at IB at around 8.00, texted Jopi whether it still makes sense to enter the lec room (as ma’am usually dismisses early). 
Jopi said ma’am gave the class cookies and juice for breakfast (yep, still happy over the exam results).
I didn’t go to class but I still got the cookie and juice (thanks Jop.) after eating tocino + fried rice for breakfast at Gloria’s.
Next class was ecology lab. We had a great time.
We formed groups, made and described an imaginary species and showed it to the rest of the class.
Our group created a deep-sea mammal named the Philippine Trench Frangler, Ezrapigyi philippinensis. It was very cute. 🙂 
I took pictures of other species too. Haha. Chuva chuva chever chever borlalu borlalu was the imaginary call of Chuvanensis chever, a cute animal that eats fruits and flowers with a strict floral formula. Hahaha.
Of course all we did that lab class had a point, even the Nagaraya (=fish). Haha. The main points were: what makes species threatened and the problem with the Commons Principle.
Ecology lec was confusing, as always. Sir Dan discusses fast. He gave us the Bio-DAP assignment. Use the data from Makiling and play with Bio DAP. 
My lunch was Beef Salpicao from Special Treats (aka. umbrella). Half rice. Take out. Same price as original.
Plant physio lab was just reporting. Seed germination as determined by light exposure and hormone activity. It was like a ‘softer’ version of Plant Dev Bio, my other class.
We were dismissed early, so JK, Erik, Dee, Scott, Jopi, and I decided to invade the afternoon ecology lab class to see what species they came up with. 
Bekbekis manyakis made me laugh so hard. The Espi ranza too.
4.00 was the start of Fitness Friday. I brought my bike to the oval. Hehe. I didn’t want to jog.
JK,Dee, Jopi, Erik, and SCOTT jogged. 🙂 I biked. I took shortcuts when JK used the bike after me.
Good thing we finished right before the rain poured. Too bad Roni, Jenpey and Mae weren’t able to join us. 😦
Anyway, we spent our cool-down time hanging out at the IB steps. Marami naman kami.
Oh yeah, ABM recollection thingy din pala tonight.
I left IB at quarter to 7, walked to Balara, rode the jeep and went off at Tumana.
As usual, they were selling earrings again at the sidewalk (they always do). The cute ones. The cheap ones. 
I looked and I bought a pair or two.
As I walked away and turned the corner I felt something empty in my pocket. Alas, my SE T650 was gone. Only the sleeve, useless now, remained.
Most probably someone took it while I was looking for earrings to buy. 
This is the first time I got pickpocket-ed. I hope it will be the last.
I wonder if the pickpocket would laugh at my wallpaper in the phone. It was the photo I took of the Philippine Trench Frangler, all green and blue and cute. 
I wonder if the money that pickpocket would get from selling my phone will solve his/her major problems.
I wonder if my mum and dad will get mad. I haven’t told them yet.
I’ll miss all the media stuff I saved using that phone. I loved it. Anyway, I shouldn’t be that attached anymore right? Haha. I don’t have it now anyway. 
I was lucky to not have seen that pickpocket. I wouldn’t know what to do if I were held at gunpoint/knifepoint (?) whatever. I was lucky the laptop I had inside my bag was safe. So were my notes for next week’s exams.
What a day
[EDIT] okay, I told my parents already. They’re relieved i wasn’t hurt. My sister too, who came from Divi with my brother and bought SIX pairs of earrings for me. X.x

Spot the Difference. Dali.

Where: Genetics Lab
When: See date
What time: A few hours ago
What: Sorting out the F2 generation of Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)

Margie: Scott, Scott, dali sama ka sa picture!
(Scott moves into the frame)
Margie: haha, ayan! *click*
Ayos talaga ang summa ng batch natin! Idol!