Day 4

OB – For me it was a reasonable exam. Not as hellish as I expected based on last year’s feedback.
Pedia – The most challenging exam for me. My next to lowest point next to Pathooo
Prev Med – What we thought was the most ‘predictable’ exam turned out to be the most surprising. Questions were simply out of this world.

And then just like that the dark clouds took over the clear blue skies and rumbled by the end of the last of the twelve exams, the most memorable and possibly life defining milestone in my life so far.

The waiting begins.


50 weeks to go


Time flies by so fast and now we’re done with two weeks of OB senior internship. In spite of clerkless summer, we managed the influx of patients in service A and we survived. I’m still not ruling out this specialization.

Next stop, Orthopedics!