A Young Doctor’s Notebook


Stumbled upon this British mini-series (4 episodes) starring Daniel Radcliffe and John Hamm on eztv, obviously drawn by the title. 🙂 Radcliffe plays a young bright doctor from the Imperial School of Medicine and Dentistry, recently graduated top of his class, assigned to virtually the middle of nowhere. The series is actually based from the novel “A Country Doctor’s Notebook” by Mikhail Bulgakov. I found myself laughing at the challenges the young doctor (I loved the way the characters say Dock-ter with such authority! Gotta love the Russian accent.) faced running a hospital on his own. It very much reminded me of the Philippines’ Doctors to the Barrios Program. Same concept but with no snow.


The Hobbit


I watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey today with my siblings and cousin. Although I had no background at all on JRR Tolkien’s books, I enjoyed watching the adventures of young Bilbo Baggins and the (cute) dwarves. Seeing some of the characters from the LOTR movie series was also amazing. I shall follow this trilogy as well. 🙂