The 2014 List


Oh how wonderful it would be to cross EVERYTHING off this long list! πŸ™‚


Minimum Criteria

Almost done with clerkship year and already I have rotated in all but two departments (surgery and emergency medicine). With the interns’ 100 days countdown already past two weeks (ie the clerks’ countdown to internship too), the pressure to decide on my future career as a physician becomes greater. I remember my mother, from whom I inherited some of her OC-ness, telling me that in spite of big feelings of “hunches” regarding residency choices, it’s better to come up with a decision that’s based on facts – not just about the characteristics of the different specializations but also my personal idiosyncrasies. She even suggested I do a spreadsheet document, a matrix of all possible residency options and how they meet my personal criteria in choosing a specialization.

As far as I know, here are the non-negotiable criteria –

1. Must be able to interact with live patients. – that means no formalinized specimen, no cadavers. Radiology (pure) not really a differential unless its interventional or rad onco. But this is far from my list.
2. Not IM (internal medicine). – as much as I admire internists (and cardio, pulmo, nephro, immuno, rheuma and the like), I’d like to refer to them and not be them. My brain will short circuit from all the thinking. IM’s taught me a lot though.

Semi-negotiable criteria –

3. A big plus if it’s surgical/ procedure intensive.I’m good with kinesthetic activities, and fair muscle memory. πŸ™‚
4. Fast resolution of patient problems (see no.2)I want to see them get well before my eyes. Haha!
5. Manageable working hours/can accomodate other pursuits in life.
6. Involves team work if possible.because no man is an island, and I’m sure to get crazy when left by myself with no one to talk to.
7. Practice can be started virtually anywhere in the country.Yes, because I love to travel, and the idea of starting practice in the rural/provincial areas is actually not bad for me.
8. With some variety, aka. fun, aka not deathly boring.I need not explain.
9. With some financial assurance.For daily expenses and occasional splurges.

And a big bonus if

10. I could give back. – to the country, of course. Related to no.7, our class is the first batch to sign the RSA, which requires us to serve for three years after graduation. I hope those will be three fruitful years.


self portrait at the Anesth callroom, Feb 2013

People who know me (or bother to ask) already have an idea what specializations these criteria rule in. Will I still pursue it after boards? Only time (and good God-led discernment) will tell.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook


Stumbled upon this British mini-series (4 episodes) starring Daniel Radcliffe and John Hamm on eztv, obviously drawn by the title. πŸ™‚ Radcliffe plays a young bright doctor from the Imperial School of Medicine and Dentistry, recently graduated top of his class, assigned to virtually the middle of nowhere. The series is actually based from the novel “A Country Doctor’s Notebook” by Mikhail Bulgakov. I found myself laughing at the challenges the young doctor (I loved the way the characters say Dock-ter with such authority! Gotta love the Russian accent.) faced running a hospital on his own. It very much reminded me of the Philippines’ Doctors to the Barrios Program. Same concept but with no snow.

(Supposedly) The Last Entry for 2009

(not really in order)
This yearΒ 
I’m glad I was able to finish
1. gathering handedness data from more than a thousand families
2. my thesis with the unorthodox topic haha
3. my bio degree!
4. first sem of med!
I’m happy I was able to start..
1. my life as a medical student
2. a relatively more independent life in manila
3. wearing contacts
I went to both new and familiar places
1. Cebu
2. Bohol
3. Albay
4. Batangas
I surprised myself by
1. daring to wear shorts for a dance number (first time promise!).. and another.. and another
2. trying out street, jazz, pinoy, jopazz.. :)) and appearing 4 times for TRP
3. signing up for a sorority haha
4. forcing myself to learn how to apply makeup on my own kasi kailangan. yes i’m that clueless haha
5. realizing i love dissecting cadavers
I’m thankful for these opportunities
1. participating in a medmish
2. volunteering for Ondoy relief ops
3. reaching out to PGH patients during the holidays
I feel blessed to have met, for the first time
1. upcm class 2014 (walang katapat!) πŸ˜€
2. org-mates and future org-mates πŸ˜€
I feel more blessed to have by my side
1. my family (kahit sa text lang, ayos na!)
2. my friends
3. my BFFs
siyempre si God πŸ™‚
2009 was my year of endings, beginnings, and amazing opportunities. It was a good year, and I thank Him with all my heart πŸ™‚
On to 2010 friends! Happy new year!

Spare Time


There are so much things to say and now I find the best opportunity to do so. πŸ™‚



Nakapanood ka ba ng TRP nung Friday? Opening number ang class namin! Ang bongga ng naconceptualize ni Nico for a world-class performance. Ang bongga ng kinalabasan! Bagay na bagay sa bonggang bonggang stage design ng MSS. Good job 2014!

Kami ni Ado ang inatasan ni Nico na gumawa ng steps for the Americas segment. Dahil wala naman kaming funding sa props at costumes, dinaan na talaga namin sa talent. HAHA! Ivan, Dalvie, Jopi, Aeron, Jay E, Karl, Mau, Scott, Tonch, JPang, Edge, Ado.. kayo na ang tumatiming sa “tan-tan-HEEEY” at napakembot ang (dating) semi-immobile hips! Faye, AA, Nic, Moms, Shayne, Jesh, Jna, Alex, Roni, Angel, Zie…ang mga girls na di ko alam ang pinaghuhugutan ng energy sa bawat rehearsal, salamat sa dedication! Good job, Americans! Sa uulitin. πŸ™‚

Congratulations din sa class natin sa chorale competition! I truly believe we had the best song among the others. Ako na ang biased. Naiyak kaya ako nung unang kinanta sa class ng core group yung Isang Lagda.. siguro dahil nga nakakarelate ako sa lyrics. Go TRP song committee πŸ™‚



The past two weeks have been the busiest ones in my med life so far, and it’s not because of acads. I find it strange how we (med people) push ourselves to the limit -walang katapusang mga practice, arts and crafts, and other stuff – during TRP season just to show the audience that yes, tao rin pala tayo. For the past 36 years, mukhang nakukumbinsi naman sila. Haha.

For this year, I was in 4 segments – Opening, Chorale, MedRhythmics, and MSPS – and somehow I was able to manage practice sessions after class with 5-6, 6-7,7-9,9-11 skeds. Kaloka! Pero masaya naman. Pumayat daw ako ng onti sabi ng nanay ko. Nakagawa at nakabenta pa kami ng parols for the Pedia Ward. yehey! Buti naman kapag TRP season hindi mabigat ang acad load, mapapagkasya ang lahat. Time management ang solusyon sa mga problema.



|| back massage || sariling makeup pang performances haha || tv sa unit? || shoes || cake ||


|| surprises || old friends || new friends || alone time || heart-to-heart talk || eksena ||



People are People – D Sound

I am the one who believes in all that you say
I am the one who never wants to define herself
I am the one who’s parallel, upfront, behind
I am the one paddling like crazy through the night

Refine, old time, colourblind,
Big sign, do time, doesn’t rhyme
A lot, to much, standing tall
And I’m crying in the valley:
β€œI shall never, ever fall!”

People are people and I feel so strong
People are people and I’m going on

I am the one who stirs it up everytime
I am the one who never knows how close she is
I am the one who’d rather be dead than confess
I am the one trying to be good, wanting to be bad and so on

Excess, temptress, big mess
Phoney, lonely, it’s a test
Be still my heart, don’t you fail
And I’m crying on the stagefloor:
β€œI will always prevail!”

I’m going on…



super galing mag-analyze ng mga bagay bagay. unang nagpakulot. tinatrato kong baby sister. tinatrato kong ate. masaya pag ineembrace ko siya. nagagaya ko na ang hand mannerisms sa pagbati. forever maayos ang hair. matiyagang magglitter. masyado masaya kaya pinapaalis ng kapitbahay. katangi-tanging nagpastraight. kinatatakutan ko dati. lumibot sa buong mundo except europe. dapat sininagan ng spotlight sa TRP. source ko ng tsismis. nakakatawa tingnan pag nagpapanic. forever prim and proper. buddy ko. magaling umakting bilang pusang gala. undecided pero decided na. semi-namesake ko. crush ata ng lahat. gumugulong gulong at nagpapakaslave for you. sana dati ko pa nakilala sa diliman.

wala lang. gusto ko lang kayo idescribe. hehe.




OS 206: marunong ka na ba magpalpate? percuss? paturo.

IDC 211.1: ang tataba at ang kukyut ng mga rats namin! sosyal ang diet nila. may “cheeseburger”, “soda”, at may pahabol pang “yakult”. πŸ™‚

IDC 202: ethics petiks. just kidding! uy marami akong natututunan dito. haha.


BioDil Friends I miss you! Let’s bond again soon. πŸ˜€


Habang Nakikinig kay Imogen Heap – Ellipse album

Although napakaganda ng boses ni IH, napaisip ako: wow, ngayon lang ulit ako na-bore. Ang weird na ng pakiramdam na walang ginagawa! Nai-transform na nga siguro ako ng med. Amazing! Sa totoo lang, marami na akong gustong i-blog simula June, kaso hindi ko na talaga nagawa dahil sa pag-aaral. Ngayong wala ng pending na gagawin, lost na rin ako.

(AY PLUGGING! Nood pala kayo ng Silver Screen sa Monday!)

Dahil wala nga akong maisip na topic, naisipan kong balikan ang aking baby blog. Baby kasi yun ang unang-una kong “footprint” sa online world. Nasimulan ko siya ng 2nd sem ng unang taon sa college. Sa pagkakaalam ko hindi pa toxic noon; nakayanan ko pa nga magtrain 3x a week sa CHK na inaabot ng 9 ng gabi. Kaya lagi ako napapagalitan pauwi. Heheh.

Pero sinabi na rin ng mga magulang ko na nung time na yun, alam ko naman kung gano ako magiging busy kaya (surprisingly) nakakayanan ko mag-aral for acads kahit late na sa gabi. Parang high-energy raw lagi. Tumaas pa GWA ko kesa previous sem. Amazing. Siguro nga kapag mas toxic ang schedule ko, mas gagawan ko ng paraan para magawa lahat ng kelangan gawin, kaya nag-iimprove. Kaya ko kaya iapply sa med? So far toxic nga ang 2nd sem ko given all the activities I’ve committed myself into, pero naeexcite na ko sa mga mangyayari!

(Silver Screen! Monday! Magpeperform ang MedChoir classmates!)

Kumusta naman ang med so far? Hmmmm. Sa acads, given naman na SOBRANG MAHIRAP SIYA. πŸ˜› Marami na kong natutunan, kailangan ko lang masiguradong maaalala ko siya lahat pagdating sa wards/boards. Enjoy ang lahat ng practical stuff, lalo na ang dissection (special shoutout to Nanay, our dear cad) at demo-returndemos.

Now for the non-acad stuff.. ang masasabi ko lang.. it’s been one hell of a ride. haha!

I guess everybody in our class will agree that this sem’s purpose is mainly for adjustment. Whether it might be adjusting to Manila “breeze” (pollution), to living away from home, to not having contact with family, to doing things your own way.. change was there and we all had to deal with it. I think all of us were able to do this; iba iba lang ang style..

(Silver Screen! For the Ondoy victims!)

Some realizations:
– I’m lucky to have roommates like Glai and Mae. πŸ™‚ Dami nilang dalang food e. :)) Joke lang. Oo na, kahit kayong dalawa na lang ang nagkakaintindihan, natutuwa pa rin ako sa inyo. Napupuwersa niyo ko mag-aral! Naiimpluwensiyahan niyo rin ako matulog. Heheh.
– I’m not as energetic as before. Duh! Nakakatulog ako sa class eh. Boo. Although minsan kasalanan ng lecturer heheh.
– First impressions don’t count… a lot. Marami na kong nakilalang friends sa class na tingin ko sa simula never kong makakausap/never akong kakausapin. Buti naman! πŸ™‚
– Affiliations shouldn’t count.. more so when class 2014 should come first. Friendships first, din.
– Don’t forget to nourish your spiritual life, na kailangang-kailangan para ma-neutralize ang katoxican ng med. This has put me back on track several times this sem.
– There’s no substitute for family. Sobrang na-miss ko sila this sem. Uwian kasi ako dati nung college. Hindi naman ako sobrang na-depress; alam ko namang isang text lang ang katapat nyan e. πŸ™‚
– There’s no substitute for home-cooked food. Oo na, ako na ang gutom. =)) After sampling almost all food establishments sa Rob, don’t you wish there was something more.. home-y?

(Silver Screen! Philamlife Theater, Monday night!)

More than adjustment, this sem was also all about self-discovery. Marami akong nagawa this sem na never kong naisip na magagawa ko. Wow.

(Silver Screeeeeen! 150 Pesos lang!)

Sa dami ng stressors sa buhay med, the best gift you can give yourself is gentleness.

If you fall, get up quickly, and learn from your mistake.

Forgive yourself and let yourself be happy.

If good things come, be grateful, and (still) learn from it.

As a future doctor, how can you heal others if you can’t heal your self, hindi ba?

New Vision

So I’ve been eyeglasses-free (at least during daytime) for seven days now. Haha!

Yes, sa dami ng mga pangyayari sa med, ito na ang kelangan ko talaga i-blog.

Grade four ako ng simulang lumabo ang paningin ko. Tingin ko namana ko siya sa nanay at tatay ko. Progressive myopia /nearsightedness ang mayroon ako, at mabilis tumaas ang grado ko hanggang ngayon. 3.75 parehong mata. XD

Ngayon ko lang naisipang magcontacts dahil

  1. Parang uso siya sa class. XD Or naaastigan lang ako kina Tin C at Anne at Mara na beterano na sa contacts. Cool nga yung may kulay eh. Hehe.
  2. LadyMed. Oo. Mahirap kasi magshades na may salamin. Hindi rin masyado threatening ang bad-ass Minaden backup dancer na may salamin. Tingin ko lang naman.
  3. Ayoko na magpakaalipin sa eyeglasses. Sa contacts naman para maiba.
  4. Super curious ako sa itsura ko na walang salamin. Siyempre dapat alam ko yun kasi inaalis ko naman yun bago matulog, pero kung ano man ang nakikita ko, malabo. Hehe.
  5. Super curious din ako sa magiging reaksyon ng mga taong sanay na sa four-eyed Margie. That includes my family. HAHA!

“Sigurado ka ba talagang gusto mo magcontacts?” sabi ni Ate last week, pero desidido na ko. Kaso ang hirap pala maglagay nun! Halos mawalan na ng pasensya yung ophtha sa kakaturo sakin ng tamang paglagay. Pero nung nasuot ko na pareho (finally), wow, iba talaga. Worth it.

Ang swerte ng mga taong perfect ang vision. Ang ganda ng mundo. πŸ™‚ Kapag naka-eyeglasses kasi, malinaw lang ang mga bagay na diretsong nasa harap ng mata mo. Pag naka-contacts, malinaw din ang periphery. So naaastigan talaga ako.

After ten years of wearing frames over my nose, siyempre andun pa rin yung mga mannerisms ko. Sometimes I still touch the bridge of my nose whenever I need to focus on something. Haha. At naninibago ako kapag umaambon, walang raindrops na gumagambala sa paningin ko. Haha! No more need to wipe. And finally, nakapagshades ako kagabi sa ladymed at nakita ko ang pinupuntahan ko. XD

So how did they react? Well, si ate naninibago. Si mum and dad rin. Si ambe, ewan. Haha. Si glai at mae, hindi nahalatang nagcocontacts ako pagbalik ng manila (“Margie isuot mo na nga yung salamin mo, hindi ako sanay!!- Glai). Ayos naman daw sabi ng iba. Nakakapanibago, pero positive naman ang effect (nabawasan ang pagkanerd, nice eyes daw, etc etc). Salamat sa compliments!

Susulitin ko na tong contacts. 2 months ang itatagal nitong pair. Afterwards, tingnan natin kung itutuloy ko na. Should I?