Sikretong Malupit… Muna. n____n

Dear friends,

Good day! Before you hear it from some classmate, your buddy, an orgmate, or even Ate Cherry (?! what are the odds), I want to say it right here, right now, straight from me, para naman hindi kayo magulat, diba?

Thursday afternoon, just this week, I stopped by a certain hut in campus, and signed up for Mu Sigma Phi sorority.


Minadali ko ba ang desisyon? Para sakin hindi. Matagal ko na siya inisip (no Mae, not during the last days of college, that’s too early! haha!) at sa tingin ko naman, I have enough reasons to join.

Hindi ko na sasabihin isa-isa ang mga dahilan, pero kung gusto mo talagang malaman, just ask me personally. 🙂

Will this decision have an effect on my existing relationships? Negatively, I hope it doesn’t.

The last thing I want to do is break bonds with people just because of their affiliations. That I find shallow.

Siyempre, priority pa rin ang Class 2014, ayon nga kay Pito. For me, new friends are silver, but old friends are (hindi lang gold!!) platinum.. Sa totoo lang hindi platinum eh. Oxygen! Ano namang gagawin ko sa platinum kung hindi ako makahinga?!

Sana, kahit brod man o sis o barb, magiging friends pa rin tayo.. lalo na ang mga bio. Go Bio!

Sa mga forever-mates ko sa class, I promise not to let this get in the way of class activities, lalo na pag groupwork and such. I am a med student, after all.

I love you all. 🙂


*seryosong sikretong malupit muna ha.*

PS. MedRhythmics training ulit sa Monday! Come let’s join us! HAHAHA


How to Manipulate Gossip to Get Free Ice Cream

Warning: Do not attempt to do this on a not-so-close-friend, or someone who is not as persistent and curious about gossip. Do not abuse this ability. Haha! Or else you’ll lose friends.. and respect too. HAHA!

Disclaimer: I have informed all parties of the publication of this blogpost. Whoohoo! How fun.

Here goes:


DORA: sinong bio classmate ang HINDI NA SINGLE?
DORA: haha
DORA: hindi
BOOTS: bioclassmate/medclassmate?
DORA: bio
BOOTS: ohhh
DORA: i won’t tell
DORA: hahaha
BOOTS: si NNN?!!?!!?
DORA: i won’t tell
DORA: i love it when you try
BOOTS: you like toying with me
BOOTS: sino nga?
DORA: or any food item of similar value
DORA: =)
BOOTS: haynaku!
DORA: hahaha
DORA: the answer costs TWO FROZEN YOGURTS or any food item of similar value
DORA: TWO kasi isa sakin isa sa person in question
BOOTS: similar value?
BOOTS: hahahaha
BOOTS: i’ll wash dishes na lang
DORA: that’s not similar value
DORA: you’ll have to wash 50 plates in 30 min XD
BOOTS: haynaku
DORA: ba’t di mo na lang kasi tanungin
BOOTS: kanina pa kaya!
BOOTS: SINO?!?!?!?!?
DORA: hindi sakin
DORA: dun sa T.I.Q. (tao in question)
BOOTS: hahahaha
BOOTS: ano ba yan
DORA: ikr
BOOTS: hmm
BOOTS: girl guy?
DORA: secret
BOOTS: haynaku
DORA: why is it you really have to know?
DORA: hmmm?
BOOTS: i don’t have to kno
BOOTS: i just hate not knowing
BOOTS: hahaha
DORA: awww
DORA: madali lang naman malaman eh
DORA: it just costs at least one fro-yo
DORA: n__________n
BOOTS: wala akong pera
DORA: or a food item of similar value
DORA: n_________________________n
DORA: hehe
DORA: inis n yan
BOOTS: hahahaha
BOOTS: ang kulit!
DORA: hindi kaya
BOOTS: haha
BOOTS: oo kaya
DORA: naHAWA lang ako sa  kakulitan mo
DORA: (get it?)
BOOTS: hahahaha
BOOTS: o na
DORA: bilis ah
DORA: nahulaan mo na?
BOOTS: hahaha
DORA: let’s see
DORA: ano nga ba ang mga nakakahawa?
DORA: ang obvious ko na ha!
BOOTS: eh ako may TB eh!
BOOTS: single pa din ako
DORA: as if naman attracting factor yun
DORA: haha
DORA: h1n1?
BOOTS: ahhh
BOOTS: h1n1
BOOTS: hahaha
BOOTS: tapos?
BOOTS: swine?
BOOTS: mataba siya?
DORA: paalalahanan mo kong batukan kita when we meet again
DORA: as in
DORA: haha
BOOTS is typing a message.
BOOTS: eh wala na akong maisip na connection eh!
BOOTS: uhhh
BOOTS: di ko gets connection ng tao sa h1n1
BOOTS: hahaha
DORA: sinabi ko lang naman na h1n1 kasi nakakahawa un
DORA: that’s the main clue
BOOTS: uhhhh
BOOTS: uhhh
DORA: SEE? you’re overthinking! nyahaha
BOOTS: wala nga ako maisip eh
BOOTS: hahaha
BOOTS: i’m not thinking at all
DORA: deym
DORA: haha
DORA: daya binigyan na kita ng clue na free
DORA: haha
DORA: wag na lang frozen yogurt, DQ na lang XD
DORA: hanggang kelan ka “walang pera”?
DORA: nyahaha
BOOTS: habang med
BOOTS: =))
DORA: harharhar
DORA: ako rin e
DORA: nyahaha!
DORA: sige, ice cream on a stick! wala pang 15 pesos yun sa grocery. ganun ako kabait.
BOOTS: hahhaa
BOOTS: fine fine
BOOTS: clue
BOOTS: i wanna guess
BOOTS: hahahaa
BOOTS: hindi ko magets
BOOTS: red ribbon
BOOTS: cake
BOOTS: who likes cake
BOOTS: haha
DORA: anlaki naman ng galit mo kay XXXXXXX
BOOTS: more
DORA: siyempre pag mura ang ice cream mas obscure ang clue
BOOTS: you’re bored
DORA: (actually di nga masyado obscure eh)
DORA: you’re overthinking!
BOOTS: wala na
BOOTS: wala na akong maisip
BOOTS: hahahah
DORA: choco sundae! n____________n
BOOTS: clue ba yan?
BOOTS: o prize mo?
BOOTS: haha
DORA: hindi, prize!
BOOTS: hahaha
BOOTS: clue!
DORA: hoy BOOTS ang obvious na nyan
BOOTS: maybe for you!
BOOTS: one december
BOOTS: 1 12?
BOOTS: uhhh…
DORA: lemme recap!
DORA: nakakahawa-red ribbon-one december
DORA: nakakahawa
DORA: red ribbon
DORA: one december
DORA: hums *dora the explorer*
DORA: nakakahawa..
DORA: red ribbon..
DORA: one december!
BOOTS: am i just really stupid?
BOOTS: hahahahah
DORA: believe in yourself! kaya mo yan
DORA: nakakahawa..
DORA: red ribbon..
DORA: one december!
BOOTS: am i guessing for the name?
BOOTS: or the person?
DORA: secret!
BOOTS: aids?
BOOTS: di ko alam kung ano yung red ribbon at one december
DORA: teka lang ah
BOOTS: sino?
BOOTS: si GGG!?!
DORA: karagdagang kaalaman
BOOTS: ahhh
DORA: upang ikaw ay maliwanagan
BOOTS: red ribbon
BOOTS: hahahahaha
BOOTS: gets
BOOTS: alam ko na yung red ribbon
BOOTS: siyempre inisip ko yung cake
DORA: siyempre gutom ka
DORA: haha!
BOOTS: sino?
BOOTS: hahaha
BOOTS: natuwa naman ako
DORA: wag mo na alamin kung sino, di mo naman kilala eh
DORA: haha!
BOOTS: aww
BOOTS: haha
BOOTS: hahaha
DORA: wag na tama na
DORA: i shall post this in my blog
BOOTS: hahahahahaha
BOOTS: fine fine
BOOTS: anywya
BOOTS: sige
BOOTS: ako’y matutulog na
BOOTS: napagod din ako dun
BOOTS: good night
DORA: good night!
DORA: yay ice cream!
DORA: whoohoo!
BOOTS: hahahah
DORA: good night
BOOTS: good night.


To BOOTS: bahala ka kung seseryosohin mo yung prizes ko! haha! Seriously, okay lang na hindi. Alam mo namang ang saya saya mong pagtripan and okay na ko dahil nagawa ko na ang misyon ko. Apir!

Taylor Swift – Love Story

We were both young when I first saw you
I closed my eyes and the flashback starts
I’m standing there
On a balcony in summer air

See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns
I see you make your way through the crowd
And say hello
Little did I know

That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said, “stay away from Juliet”
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you, please don’t go
And I said

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story
Baby, just say yes

So, I sneak out to the garden to see you
We keep quiet cause we’re dead if they knew
So close your eyes
Escape this town for a little while

Oh oh
Cause you were Romeo, I was the scarlet letter
And my daddy said, “stay away from Juliet”
But you were my everything to me
I was begging you, please don’t go
And I said

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story
Baby, just say yes

Romeo, save me
They try to tell me how I feel
This love is difficult, but it’s real
Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess
It’s a love story
Baby, just say yes

Oh oh

I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around
My faith in you is fading
When I met you on the outskirts of town
And I said

Romeo, save me
I’ve been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you, but you never come
Is this in my head
I don’t know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said

Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone
I love you and that’s all I really know
I talked to your dad
Go pick out a white dress
It’s a love story
Baby, just say yes

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

‘Cause we were both young when I first saw you

A Cello’s Story

It was the one of the girl’s days when she had extra money from work to treat her boyfriend, whom she haven’t seen for a while now. Well, they really didn’t impose rules about who treats who; it just so happened that this day, the boy had no money and the girl had some. 

Cello’s was one of those places where they could bond and talk with great ambience, food, and coffee, and so it was natural that they stay there. As usual, they ordered the half-dozen set (chocolate, choco-mint, oreo, cheese, cinnamon crunch, and double chocolate) and two Cafe Lattes.

The boy was his usual shy self. The girl knew that. He was too shy to ask service people for anything. Rodics, Jollibee, and now Cello’s. Sadly, he wanted to use a fork to eat the donuts. Sosi kasi eh. 
“Go on, ask,” the girl said, making hand gestures pushing the guy away from the table. Reluctantly, the boy went up to the counter and asked for forks. They had none. The boy sat down again, with two plastic knives. 
“This is the nearest thing I can get to forks.”
“It’s okay. I like it when you overcome your shy self,” the girl said, smiling. “I can cheer you on and on everytime you do that.”
The boy smiles and takes the first slice of the chocolate donut. “Sorry, I’m so hungry.Let’s eat.” 
The boy and the girl take turns slicing and eating little donut pieces. The hungry boy ate two little pieces for every piece the girl got. All the while they talked about movies with orgies in the end, Mariah Carey and her latest album and husband, colleagues at work, who in the girl’s barkada had the first boyfriend..
The cheese donut was the next victim.
“I haven’t tried this before, said the guy. Is the cheese salty?” Not really intending to wait for his gf’s answer, he took some cheese crumblings and tasted it. 
“Oooh, amazing.” He ate some more.
“I remember going here with one of my girl friends a few years ago,” the girl blurted out. “Some guy was courting him then, and they always ate here. For some reason I was always with them, and she always gives me a free donut.” 
“Cheese flavor?”
“Oh, so this is your favorite?”
The girl nodded.
“Where do you sit? Do you leave them alone?”
“No. They sit opposite to each other and I sit beside her.”
“Ahaha! Third party!”
“It’s okay with them naman daw..”
“And now your girl friend has another boyfriend. What did he look like again?”
The girl doesn’t remember. She remembers her girl friend’s first bf, not the recent one. They laugh.
The choco-mint donut, the prettiest and most awaited donut, was the last one remaining. With brown and white icing and green sprinkles, it was so nice to see. Yay, choco-mint. Too bad you’re going to be devoured, thought the guy. He was that hungry.
“It’s sweet. Yummy. Hmm..”
“Yes?” the girl asked.
“Uh oh.. my coffee’s running out.” He was sad. He knew that a really good donut can only be matched with a really good cup of coffee. He was both a donut and coffee fan. 
“You can have mine,” the girl said, pushing her cello’s paper cup with Cafe Latte. 
“I think I’m becoming more and more like my dad. It’s not impossible for him to drink ten or more cups a day. He’s already an expert, he knows when the coffee he drinks is microwaved.”
“Who the hell microwaves their coffee?” 
“Well, we do..”
“Why?” She obviously grew up in a household where the uses of a microwave are not fully realized.
“I don’t know,” the guy replied. “To make it warm again? Haha!”
The girl leaned back on the chair. “You know what? I just realized, I only drink coffee when I’m with you.”
“Really? Ah, you’re the tea and milk person, I remember.”
“Yes, and biscuits,” she says in a make-believe British accent.
“Well, are you forced to drink coffee when you’re with me?”
“Nah.. I don’t know.”
The boy takes another sip from the girl’s cup, which is now half-empty. He smiled. 
“Maybe,” he smiles. “Just maybe, you’re not really after the coffee. You’re after the conversation that comes with it. And that’s me.” He smiles even wider, like he was the greatest thing that happened to her ever.
The girl agreed. This boy had spunk. It was one of the things she liked about him, and she smiled on the inside. 
“You want water? I’ll get some,” the guy said. He got back to the table in a jiffy, with two plastic cups with cold water, giving the girl one more reason to smile. 

If you see me PADYAK-ing down the street…

Unang-una sa lahat, gusto ko pong magpasalamat sa mga taong nakatulong upang mabiyayaan (naks.) ako ng pagkakataong makagamit ng bisikleta nang libre ngayong summer:

  1. ang mahal kong UP CRAdLe na nagsetup ng application booth sa likod ng Pav4
  2. si jb na nakapansin ng maraming bike sa may likod ng Pav4, at nagtanong sa isang may-ari ng bike kung bakit maraming bike na cute dun
  3. ang may ari ng bike na nagsabing pinahiram ng UPM ang bike na gamit niya at maglog-in sa para magregister ng free bike
  4. at si sir jojo gutierrez (with ma’am gutierrez) na nagsilbing contact ko sa UPM at ang nagbigay ng Padyak upang aking magamit ngayong summer.

Ang ganda ng concept no? The UPM (UP Mountaineers) thought of a way to celebrate their organization’s anniversary by lending out bicycles for free this summer as a test run for their all-out launch this coming schoolyear. As I said, I’m lucky to be one of their test dummies. hahaha.
Ang saya ko nung nakakuha ako ng bike kasi haggard ang sked ko this summer. Two hours of physics lab sa NIP at PI100 sa AS right after. Ang layo kaya nun! Try mo takbuhin? Wag na. Nung mga unang araw naglalakad pa ako sa math tapos sasakay ng Ikot papuntang AS. Ibig sabihin, sa bawat araw, nakakasayang ako ng ~5 minutes sa paglakad at ~3 minutes at P6.50 sa jeep. Magbabike na lang ako no!

Nang simula kong gamitin ang padyak.. (Hindi ko na binigyan ng nickname yung bike, baka masyado akong maattach.. alam niyo na..) sa totoo lang parang ginanahan ako pumasok. Haha! Ang init kasi mag-commute, kahit 9am pa lang, at pagdating sa UP maglalakad pa hanggang NIP. Pero ngayon, pupunta lang ako sa AS, kukunin ang bike (na binabantayan ni manong guard sa CASAA side) at magpapadyak.

Siyempre, hindi pwedeng mangarera sa mga jeep at mga sasakyan. Sa gilid lang ako dumadaan. Pero nalalampasan ko yung mga jeep kasi tigil sila nang tigil. Yey! Galing AS, nakakarating ako sa NIP in ~3 min na rin. Not bad at all. Mabilis na, mahangin pa! Pagdating ko sa NIP, ipa-park ko lang yung bike sa tabi ng poste at ila-lock. Ayos na!

Hindi na madugo ang pagbalik ko sa AS mula NIP dahil sa bisikleta na to. Tipid na ko sa pamasahe dahil hindi na ko sumasakay ng Ikot. Hehehe. Maaabutan ko pang pumasok ng classroom si Señor bago magPI. 😀

(Si Jopi pala yan, nakigaya, este, nag-apply din magPadyak.)

Sa tingin ko talaga, magiging successful ang bike project na ito. Napakalawak naman ng UP at maganda ang daanan. Pwedeng-pwede ang bisikleta lalo na ngayong may bike lane na.

Sir Jojo, ito po pala ang aking mga feedback na sana’y makatulong sa pag-launch ng project:

  • Mas safe po talaga ang may bike lane lalo na para sa mga hindi pa gaanong magaling magbisikleta.
  • Ok rin pong magdesignate ng iba pang lugar na pwedeng pang-overnight ng mga bikes, hindi lang po sa AS. Sa IB (institute of biology) po kasi, may guard din po kahit gabi, kaya pwede rin po nilang bantayan ang mga bike (na pwede po ipasok temporarily sa loob ng building).
  • Mas lalo pong magiging ok kung may bike racks sa mga main building ng UP, para po hindi nakakaharang ang mga bikes sa wheelchair ramp (sabi po ng guard sa AS kasi, madalas po daanan ang ramp na iyon) o kaya sa mga poste..
  • Baka po hindi na ako makapagreserve this coming schoolyear, dahil 4th year na po ako nun at lahat po ng subjects ko nasa IB lang, hindi masusulit ang pagbike. Mas magiging useful po ang bike system para po sa mga lower batches (freshies, etc..) na kalat ang klase sa iba’t ibang sulok ng campus (e.g. math 1 sa math building, pe 2 sa gym, english 1 sa CAL..). Mas maganda rin pong i-prioritize ang mga dormers na freshies dahil siguradong mamamaximize ang paggamit ng bike. Hmm.. what if magsimula po kayo sa Kalay Dorm? 😀
  • Thank you po ulit sa bike! Sigurado pong magiging successful ang Padyak Project 😀

UP College of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibit. Punta ka!

Punta kayo ah.. Sosyal, sa Podium!

Ako pupunta kasi andun si ate, jb, nikki, abi, eejay, jodi, kuya marlon, tepai, pocoy, chris, ceejay, sam, ced, don, lance, kuya don fruto, yna..

Tsaka ibang klase rin ang thesis exhibit ng mga taga-FA. Haha. Ang serious sa College of Science eh (dapat lang).

(In fairness marami pala akong kilala sa FA! hahaha )

Here’s a video clip made by a graduating VisComm student, Toffer Lorenzana (from eejay):

Fastest 80 pesos loss in my life so far.

Bago ko ipaliwanag ang title…

Things I did today

1. Bio 102 exam sa IB– ho hum.. wala naman akong masabi except masyadong maraming shark stations. Diba? Hmph! Late pa nakasimula yung exam. Alam mo yung feeling na paulit ulit mo na siyang inaral tapos nakakatamad na tapos pagdating ng exam parang wala ka nang naalala/ walang kuneksyon ang inaral mo sa tinatanong sa exam? Parang ganun..

2. Lunch sa Jollibee Philcoa – yey. Masaya.

3. CRAdLe Outreach sa may day care center sa Barangay UP Campus – nagsilbing induction ko into the org. Masayang makahalubilo muli sa mga bata. Sobra. Kahit pasaway sila, or maingay or magulo, isang yakap lang solb na. Haaay 🙂 Member na ko ng CRAdLe!!

4. Adventure sa Kamuning – kasama ko sina (kuya?) ej at (kuya??!) marlon. Napatunayan ko sa sarili ko na mas tsismoso ang guys sa girls. Hahaha! Pero nakisali na rin ako sa pakikipagtsismisan. Ang saya nila kasama papunta sa place lalo na nung nag-detour sa Red Ribbon (sumilip lang), Goldilocks (bumili ng 16 Choco Rhumble. -OMG sa kakaulit kong pagsabi ng choco rhumble since this afternoon saka ko lang nagets kung bakit siya Choco Rhumble! Kasi may Rhum! XD ang stuuuupid-), at yung malapit na ukay-ukay (tumingin kung merong overcoat na pang guy na pwedeng gamitin pang creative shot ni marlon sa yearbook kaso wala eh).

5. Joint bday blowout nina jb at Edwin sa bahay ni jb sa Kamuning – Ayos! Debut nila pareho. Hahahaha. Sa wakas nakita ko na rin si Danika (tama ba spelling), Robbie, Edwin, at Krisha. Nakita ko uli sina Ogan, Miguel, at James. Patawa ang agarang pagdating ni Omar (dapat nag head dress ka! haha). Maraming food (20 in pizza!!!) at masaya naman ang buong event. Kaso I had to leave early kasi..

6. UP EuFAIRia sa UP Sunken Garden – maraming salamat kay Aidz sa matiyagang pagpila for me and Jom. Haha. Mga ilang oras na ata siya nakapila. Nung nakabalik na kong UP there was literally an ocean of people sa may entrance part. Whoa! Andami talagang tao. Last day na kasi. Although sabi ni marlon libre na ang entrance sa last day, 80 pesos pa rin binayad ko for my ticket. Haha. Buti na lang nakita ko si Jom in spite of all the people. (text text “Dito ako sa may orange na voks” “Nasa kalsada ba yung voks?” “Ay umalis na” haha)

    Pagkakita ko kay Jom narealize ko na mahabang mahaba na talaga yung pila. At lumabas ang mean powers ko! Haha. Nagcut kami sa pila!! Haha! Bad bad bad. Di naman kasi nakatingin yung magkakabarkadang nakapila nung nagkaron ng space sa harap nila. Hehe. Nakisingit kami discreetly. Buti naman di sila nagalit.
    Nung nakita ko na si Aidz (nakapasok na siya tapos lumabas ulit to meet us) nagtataka siya kung pano kami nakasingit. hehe. After mga 15 minutes of lining up nakapasok na kami at naka-meet up sina Darryl at Maral na kumakain na sa may field malapit sa Ferris Wheel. It was nice seeing both of them again.

    Wala pang 5 minutes na pagupo ko sa field tinawagan na ko ni Dad sabi umuwi na raw ako (nasa Bicol siya ah). Kamusta naman… Di ko naikot yung mga food stalls (although busog na ko) di ko nakita yung banda (well, hindi ko habol yun), at hindi ako nakapagFerris Wheel (HUHUHU promise ito talaga habol ko…) pinauwi na ko! Late na kasi. Hmph ang eighty pesos kooooooo

    Di bale, nagpaiwan na lang si Aidz (hero kita talaga ngayon kasi pumila ka for us) sa fair kasi may mga kasama siya. Nagtaxi na lang kami nina Darryl, Jom, at Maral kasi lahat naman kami sa may bandang Concepcion dadaan. At pinag-usapan namin ang lovelife ni Darryl pauwi. Pagdating sa Tropical (nakauwi na si Maral) hinintay ko si Mum na sunduin ako. Sinamahan naman ako nina Darryl at Jom maghintay. Hahaha. Rubik’s Cube naman ang topic. Hahaha. Nung nasundo na ko naglakad na lang si Jom pauwi at nagjeep si Darryl. 😀

Busy Saturday pero masaya. Haaay. Review ulit bukas! Este mamaya.

Feb 14 2007

Nakapagpaalam naman ako so ikukuwento ko ang mga pangyayari.

Naalala ko lang na yun ang valentines day na I really looked forward to. Nyahaha. It was the first.

May food na masarap na kinain namin sa isang very memorable place sa campus (nyahaha, di na lumayo sa UP).

May senti moments, siyempre.

May surprise moment nung sinayaw niya ko bigla.

After many other moments (…) umuwi na kami.

On the way to Concepcion nakasakay na kami sa jeep diba?

Tapos inatake siya ng asthma!

Hahaha akalain mo yun.

So detour to the nearest hospital!

Mga young nurses ang nag-attend sa ER para makanebulize siya agad.

Seryosong hirap na hirap siya huminga.

At dahil Feb 14 nga, malamang sa malamang na-infer na ng staff na naudlot ng asthma ang ‘date’ na yun.

Sabi nila kay jb, di raw niya ko nakayanan kaya biglang nawalan ng hininga. Haha.

Ako pa ang nagbayad ng pang nebulize kasi pinambili na ni jb ng food yung money niya!



Pa’no ang Feb 14 2008? Ewan! Haha. Next entry na lang. Abangaaaaan

On mushy-ness.

Do people change that easily when they suddenly find themselves in a relationship that you never really thought they’d get into?

How come that friend of mine whom I’ve known for such a long time to be cynical about love is now.. mushy?

Not that I’m anti-mushy. Haha. I’m sure I’ve been mushy myself.. It’s just so weird seeing it in people I least expect to be mushy.

I believe our religion teacher in high school taught us something about the stages of love (or was it marriage? haha). There’s a name for those stages. But in my own words, the first stage is definitely the “I-can’t-live-without-you” stage, where love is usually very intense because of the new-ness of the relationship.

Unfortunately this stage isn’t permanent and eventually the two parties learn more about each other. The good stuff and the bad stuff. Sometimes, if they cannot handle the bad stuff about the other, the illusion formed during the beginning stages disappears, and causes disappointment (and frustration. and despair. <-bio 140).

What makes relationships last is whether or not the two can face the difficulties of seeing the imperfections of each other and accept those flaws as what they are. Or as I always say to (^^,) whenever one of us messes up : “hey, it’s part of the package.”

When the acceptance is there, then the relationship stabilizes.

I wonder how long my friend stays in that “I-can’t-live-without-you” stage. Hmm. I think it will be quite a while.