Dahil Bangag Kami

Exerpts from last night’s planning for the Biogyugan dance presentation (ng seniors)! Sa Friday na kasi siya, at wala pa kaming matinong choreography. Inisip naming magpractice sa bahay nina Jopi the whole day for the salsa part.  Nakakahilo ang mga moves! Literally.


(costume matters)
ereinions_wife: Naka-black dress ako.
margaret_bocaya: abby, no other color?
ereinions_wife: Ano ba dapat?
margaret_bocaya: it’s a dance, and it’s night time, makikita ka pa ba?
ereinions_wife: Oo naman. Glow-in-the-dark yata ‘to. :p
ereinions_wife: =))
margaret_bocaya: onga! pero ulo and arms ang glow in the dark
eellennor: =))
eellennor: onga abby!!
eellennor: tyo margie..teeth na lng kung black dress din
eellennor: =))
ereinions_wife: At konting gastrocnemius downwards. :p


(on hair and makeup)
margaret_bocaya: jk magpapahair and makeup ka?
ereinions_wife: Si JK marunong mag-makeup. =))
margaret_bocaya: haha marunong din siya magfix ng hair
margaret_bocaya: :O
margaret_bocaya: jk!
margaret_bocaya: yay may stylist na tayo
cowbuytm: 😐
eellennor: =))
cowbuytm: i won’t have time to apply make-up on me and style my hair if i fix everyone up
cowbuytm: 😐
margaret_bocaya: wag na
margaret_bocaya: you’re too tall for people to notice your hair
margaret_bocaya: :))


(mga manang)
doom_raven2001: im here
doom_raven2001: what’s up?
doom_raven2001: ano na decisions?
margaret_bocaya: kulit
margaret_bocaya: haha
ereinions_wife: We were just talking about you, Jopi.
margaret_bocaya: ayaw magskirt at sleeveless ng mga manang dancers
margaret_bocaya: :))
eellennor: :))
cowbuytm: ayaw ko magsleeveless
ereinions_wife: Kasi naman mga iho at iha, noong panahon namin…
cowbuytm: skirt ok pa
eellennor: im not MANANG
eellennor: im CONSERVATIVE ;;)


(hindi nagphilo1)
ereinions_wife: I’m little, therefore my dress too is little. 😀


(sino iniisip ni abby?)
doom_raven2001: PANGIT SLACKS!!!!
margaret_bocaya: haha
cowbuytm: jopi wants skirt
cowbuytm: go skirt!!
margaret_bocaya: JK!
eellennor: edi wag ka magslacks jopi!!
margaret_bocaya: i bet you’re wearing a skirt right now
cowbuytm: let me check
cowbuytm: X_X
margaret_bocaya: ano ba suot mo jopi? sinabi mo na dati i forgot
ereinions_wife: Bet is wearing a skirt now>???
margaret_bocaya: abby
margaret_bocaya: margie: i bet you’re wearing a skirt right now
cowbuytm: si bet nanaman iniisip nito :))


doom_raven2001: word ba ang “deducible” or deductible?
margaret_bocaya: deductible
margaret_bocaya: haha
ereinions_wife: Deductible.
margaret_bocaya: deducible =))
margaret_bocaya: parang brooming


(ang sabay sabay na pagtext kay sir ian part 1)
margaret_bocaya: jk jopi let’s volt in
cowbuytm: ako magttext? :))
margaret_bocaya: tayong tatlo
ereinions_wife: Roni at Bet, sali na rin kayo para fun. =))
doom_raven2001: haha
doom_raven2001: what to text?
ereinions_wife: Ako magsasabi. :p
ereinions_wife: “Dear Mr Fontanilla,
doom_raven2001: nag :p ako sa text ko dun eh. wahahaha
margaret_bocaya: ‘sir nagrerequest po si abby ng private thesis meeting sa room ninyo from 7 to 9’
cowbuytm: dear mr clean
cowbuytm: ms ortal is shy
margaret_bocaya: tapos smiley
margaret_bocaya: 😛
doom_raven2001: “private thesis meeting”
doom_raven2001: haha, sounds… kinky
margaret_bocaya: i know right
margaret_bocaya: :))
doom_raven2001: :))
cowbuytm: jopi
margaret_bocaya: up here!
cowbuytm: YOU ARE KINKY


(message to sir ian 1)
margaret_bocaya: “sir nagrerequest po si abby ng thesis meeting tomorrow morning at seven. nasa ib na po ba kayo by then?” – concerned friends 😀


ereinions_wife: SHOOT Insomnia natatawa na ako everytime I hear that song. :))
cowbuytm: insomniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


(jk is busy)
ereinions_wife: Ohnoes. Patay kayo kay Mr Clean. :))
margaret_bocaya: bakit??
ereinions_wife: Kasi finlood-flood niyo yung inbox niya for nothing. :))
margaret_bocaya: bakit?
doom_raven2001: Mr Clean is really funny
doom_raven2001: feeling ko si JK nakatulog
margaret_bocaya: mousehunting
ereinions_wife: Nope. He’s Facebooking.


(mousehunt issues)
cowbuytm: ayshet…… nanakawan nanaman ako ng cheese…. >____________<
cowbuytm: what’s up? 😛
ereinions_wife: DARN IT JK.
doom_raven2001: am i stupid for not understanding mouse hunt?
ereinions_wife: Yang MouseHunt na yan salot talaga sa lipunan eh.
margaret_bocaya: i heart mousehunt!
margaret_bocaya: haha
ereinions_wife: SALOT!
doom_raven2001: i just clicked the horn thrice and…
doom_raven2001: tapos?
eellennor: ask scott!
ereinions_wife: PAMBIHIRA!!! LAHAT KAYO!!!
margaret_bocaya: mamaya na yan!
eellennor: he’s addicted
margaret_bocaya: ano na!
ereinions_wife: *walks out*
cowbuytm: ano meron? :))


(paano si sir F?)
ereinions_wife: Paano si Sir F?
b_e_t_bet: kamot nalang muna siya ulo sa paghihintay
cowbuytm: sama natin 😀
margaret_bocaya: no hair sa pagkamot! WAHAHA
b_e_t_bet: kaya nga ulo eh
b_e_t_bet: hahaha
ereinions_wife: =))
ereinions_wife: Sumbong ko kayo. :p
doom_raven2001: haaay…
margaret_bocaya: :))
doom_raven2001: pagalingan kung pagalingan oh
doom_raven2001: :))
margaret_bocaya: alam na ni sir F na wla kaming respeto sa kanya
doom_raven2001: apir mahjeh


(message to sir ian part 2)
margaret_bocaya: “sir F there has been a terrible mistake.. 3 pm na lang po para makaprepare ng bonggang bongga si abby sa kanyang ppt.” -concerned friends pa rin

ereinions_wife: Nagtataka na siguro yun bakit kayo ang nagte-text instead na ako. :))
margaret_bocaya: kasi nga concerned friends kami


(the deal)
margaret_bocaya: ang mahuli panget na manlilibre pa
doom_raven2001: haha, tatandaan ko yan
doom_raven2001: kung sino panget <————ACTUALLY SIYA YUN :)) PEACE!
doom_raven2001: :))
margaret_bocaya: yep


(the conclusion)
margaret_bocaya: babay
ereinions_wife: 😀
eellennor: wait!!
eellennor: ano conclusion?!?!
ereinions_wife: Therefore…
ereinions_wife: I am.
margaret_bocaya: we conclude
margaret_bocaya: that the results show
ereinions_wife: that there is no conclusion
doom_raven2001: NOTHING
margaret_bocaya: and that roni is not aware
margaret_bocaya: haha
ereinions_wife: Starbucks!!!
doom_raven2001: that there’s no conclusion
cowbuytm: ha?
cowbuytm: wait
cowbuytm: lost


(ay oo nga)
doom_raven2001: mahjeh, it’s not good to fool JK
doom_raven2001: it works kasi eh…


(ang reply ni sir ian saming lahat!)
cowbuytm: Dear concerned friend, ill be in IB tomorrow morning until 12nn. i have a lecture until 4, then ill be back in the office after that. tell abbey she can see me in the morning and in the afternoon. make sure she has a bongga presentation! – yours truly, Sir Ian.
ereinions_wife: ABBEY???


(last words)
ereinions_wife: Wait. So who’s getting lost? <——sino sino magcocommute
eellennor: abby, margie, roni
margaret_bocaya: haha
margaret_bocaya: yep
margaret_bocaya: may sarili kaming adventure
margaret_bocaya: hindi kami pwede sabay sabay malate
margaret_bocaya: therefore
margaret_bocaya: isa sa guys ang panget
doom_raven2001: :)) <—-again, siya ang nahuli kanina haha

😀 peace jopi! haha


A Big Birthday Thank You

[ganito ako kasaya kanina, hahaha]

.. to all my family and friends who greeted me a happy birthday!

.. sa mga nakasama kong ka-bio for lunch – jopi, mae, giz, dee, jen, moms, abby, bet, jk, roni – na hindi ko alam na mga KASABWAT in one way or another

.. my buddies darryl and jevic, na akala ko hindi naalala birthday ko

and to

.. you who thought it all up 😀 (you know who you are!)

I love surprises talaga! Thank you all for making it one of the best surprise thingys yet! HAHAHA

[NOTE: Ayaw niyo ba ishare sakin kung pano niyo naplano yun? Sige na! Curious ako.]

BIO Batch Writeup Final

c/o Euni and I (thanks Google Docs! *thumbs up*)
special thanks to moms for the initial writeup!
[for posterity]

Dimly lit creepy hallways, animals in jars, cabinets filled with plastic-clad bodies, and strangely scented rooms – these are just a few of the things every single Bio senior have learned to love. The many years of residing within the walls of Pav4 and the IB Main Building have definitely rubbed off on the latest batch of graduating Bio majors, from their relatively conservative ways of clothing (no uber-short-short-OMG-short shorts here!) to the biological jargon they utilize in their everyday conversations (“oh my, not another wees-wass bird!”, “na-contaminate yung callus ko!”, “gotta go, magga-gavage pa ko!”, “Oh no, nag-rigor mortis na! Bilis! ATP!”, “Sir F! Sir Q! Sir A! Ma’am U! Ma’am B!, Ma’am RRR!”, “132, 122, 140, 160, 200?! Magpapakamatay ka ba, friend?”). For biology is definitely not just a detached body of knowledge, it is a way of life, and batch 2009 has embraced it to the fullest.

All Science majors are seen as out-of-this-world in terms of intellectual capacity, and today’s Ka-Bios are no exception. However, they differ significantly as they are as diverse as the number of taxonomic groups that exist on Earth. All are biologists, but many stand out as artists, dancers, musicians, debaters, goddesses, impersonators, DJs, fitness trainers, philosophers, singers, LCD technicians, comedians, eventologists, hosts and hostesses, photographers, or some other alter ego. Still, all these groups miraculously blend well together to create one big party at the IB Lobby during common breaktimes. Once the serious acad mode is over, Ka-Bios are often seen still hanging out at the Lobby – eating, chatting, jamming with a guitar, gossiping, and just having fun. We deserve it, you know!

Aside from dichotomous keys, Munsell color charts, chromosomal aberrations, flora, muscle OIAs, and hemolytic points, the most important things a Bio major learns inside IB are those that don’t come from books. It is within these four years that their every single breaking point has been tested. They learned the true meaning of patience, resourcefulness, flexibility, diligence, and camaraderie. Their keen sense of observation coupled with a genuine appreciation for every single living organism, even those that may seem gross, are the best tools one can have at a time where everything seems fast-paced and superficial. It is in these particular aspects that this batch of seniors truly shine. The treacherous road towards a Biology major’s graduation demonstrated natural selection in action, reducing the batch’s number from 89 to 58, ensuring that only the fittest survive, ultimately making them one of the treasured endemic species of the country.


Dates to Remember 

29 – 160 Oral Presentation (Makiling Frogs) 
30 – 122 Cardiac Muscle Experiment. yep, last group kasi kami
1 – CRAdLe Final Rites. This is the only date I alloted for extracurriculars. 🙂 Go apps.
2 – 122 Lab Reporting on Reflexes
3 – 121 Senescence Paper, 160 Lec Exam, 160 Lab Final Paper
7 – 122 Lab Exam, 130 Lec Exam, 122 Lab Cardiac Muscle Experiment Submission, 122 Lec Synthesis Paper, 130 Fern Culture Paper 
8 – 121 Synthesis Paper
9 – 130 Floral Meristem Paper
10 – 121 Lec Exam, 122 Lec Exam din
15 – 130 Jatropha Tissue Culture Paper
whatever finals week may bestow upon me 
MORAL LESSON, KIDS (i.e. juniors and other undergrad bio batches)
121 + 122 + 160 + 130 + 200 = masaya pero matrabaho talaga. uh, mahilig ka bang gumawa ng paper?
Good luck sa gagaya sa aking mga yapak
(For flashback: go here)
PS. Fitness Friday/Timezone Tuesday/Wacky Wednesday Egz: back out muna ko sa mga upcoming activities ah 🙂 Nakita niyo naman ang haggardness. After Oct 15th though, may Swimming Saturday ba dyan? o Soiree Sunday? Wahaaaaaa O_o

10 Most Memorable HERPeS Fieldwork Moments

(because I’m not good at making blow-by-blow accounts. haha.)
Aug 21-24 2008 Makiling Forest Reserve Bio 160 Off-Campus Fieldwork
Group: Herps (Herpetology: amphibians + reptiles)
Gameplan: Survey Makiling Frog Distribution and Abundance at Disturbed and Undisturbed Areas of the Makiling Botanic Garden
Team: Ako, Jopi, Bet, Joey, Hez, Egee, Mrose, Kacy

  1. MEETING, MEETING, MEETING. Wala pang isang oras pagdating sa TREES hostel, may meeting na ang Herps Group. Oha. Supposedly, may gagawin na kami on Day 0 (the day of arrival) sa labas, kaso nakakatakot, so natigil.. Anyway, walang araw na lumampas na wala kaming meeting. Favorite room ang 212 (glai-jen-kacy-me) pero we evicted ourselves and went to 205 (jopi-jay-al-roj) nung nagpaprocess na ng data ang inverts sa room namin after our Day1 field (kagulat yun ah, biglang andaming tao sa room. haha)
  2. SI MANG ‘PHILIP’. Ang dahilan kung bakit nasayang ang umaga namin sa Day1. Nakakainis talaga siya! Pinaakyat kami sa bahay niya (very steep road up from the bridge sa MBG) para lang samahan siyang magbihis. Tapos, nung nagpapatulong kaming maghanap ng sites for our survey, pinadaan pa kami sa matarik na muddy trail sa isang far far away place. Take note, lasing pa siya nung kinausap ni jopi ah. Buti na lang nireport namin kay mam. (Noli pala ang totoong pangalan niya.)
  3. ANONG NAP TIME?. Hehe. Pagkatapos magrevise ng method, akala namin may time pa para makapagrecharge ng katawan bago ang magdamag na panghuhuli ng palaka. Hindi pala. Nagkaproblema sa permit ng MBG (bakit raw walang pirma??) at baka hindi kami pagbuksan ng gate pagkatapos ng survey (masyado nang gabi). Buti na lang (??) may Mang Jun na nag-offer magbukas ng gate para sa amin pagkatapos ng survey. Kailangan ding picture-an ang frog specimens sa Museum of Natural History.
  4. FULL BATTLE GEAR. Transect lines? Check. Barbeque sticks na may masking tape para magmukhang flag? Check. Thermometer? Check. Sling psych? Check. Tubig? Check. Individual plastic bags with spec-tags inside? Check. Headlamps? Check. Specially made frog nets? Check. Boots? Check. Take out dinner from Kainan sa SU? Check check check. Pera pambayad sa entrance? Ah, eh.. Hahaha Let’s go!
  5. FIELDWORK SONGS c/o THE BOYS. Hindi yung “The Boys” per se, just the male division of our team – Bet, Joey, and Jopi. Making love, out of nothing at all.. making love, out of nothing at all.. I miss you like crazy, even more than words can say.. I miss you miss you mishoooo….WOOOOOOOW sweet child of miiiiiine…
  6. JOPI and EGEE’s PUTOSTUDIO. Sabi kasi ni ma’am, make very good pictures of the frogs we captured. Hehe. At first, di namin alam kung paano gagawin kasi nasa loob ng plastic yung mga palaka at nagrereflect ang plastic sa picture. Ang solusyon? 1. Baliktarin ang palaka para makahiga. Hindi siya gagalaw. (Salamat Ma’am Joni!) 2. Kunin ang palaka sa plastic bag. 3. Ilipat ang palaka sa loob ng Gladlock bag, linisin para maganda at ipatong sa isang very nice green leaf for contrast. 4. Ipasok ang Canon camera (Kelangan talaga canon?? haha.) 5. Kunin ang dorsal, ventral, front, back, pati na rin creative shots ng palaka. Tadaaaah.
  7. INTRODUCE YOURSELF. NO WAY. INTRODUCE YOURSELF. OKAAAY. Sorry sa ibang groups, pero pag-aari namin ang TREES hostel sa umaga. Haha! Solo kasi namin eh. Day 2 morning – pagkatapos ng super-late breakfast, pagka-photograph ng frogs, pagkanood ng Olympics, paghintay kina Mrose at Kacy na bumaba ng campus to buy food, pagkatapos ng super-late lunch (kami lang ata may ulam na chicken curry kasi inubusan na kami ng food.. bakit kaya), pagkatapos ng data input, at way before our next fieldwork… nanood kami ng movie sa laptop ni Bet (Bring It On: All or Nothing)! Haha. Natuwa ako kasi first time ko makanood ng Bring It On movie. Hehehe.
  8. ANG GLADLOCK AT PANGGUGULAT. Hehe. Mga Issue. 😀 Una sa lahat sorry sa Inverts sa pagborrow ng gladlock. T-T Na-stress si Hez nung tumakbo siya from MBG to TREES tapos siya yung tinanong about the Gladlock. Meron rin kasi kami, kaso maliit, pero ibabalik naman namin. Sorry talagaaaaa. Yung pangalawa, ginulat ni Bet si Mae (dapat si Carlos) sa madilim na forest.. Kagulat-gulat pero nakakatawa pero sorry na talaga, ha? Ayaw naman naming magka-atraso sa ibang groups. Peace tayo! Gu-bats. 🙂
  9. BUFO BUFO BUFO. One of the definitive moments of our fieldwork. Grabe. Akala namin halos walang makukuha sa Day2 (Disturbed) survey namin. Tapos biglang dumating sina M, Kacy at Ate Nicdye na may isang bag na punong- puno ng Bufo marinus. Huwaaaaw! Sobrang dami raw dun sa transect nila. Ang galing. Nung dinala namin sa TREES, kelangan paliguan bawat isa kasi nagrelease ng toxins yung mga toads tapos bloated na inside their individual plastic bags. Buti naman nung napaliguan, umokay na sila. Sa tingin ko gusto nilang isama sila lahat sa isang bag. Uy, salamat kay Roger for holding the bag 🙂 It took tons of courage for him to hold that bag.
  10. KULITAN/BANGAG/HUH??? MOMENTS. Haynaku, too many to mention. 
  • Go bats! Gu-bats!
  • Ang literal na nosebleed habang naghahanap ng palaka
  • Introduce yourself! Okay. – Ate Nicdye 
  • Ang fantastic shadow show ni BetJoey
  • Grabe andaming Rysotta sa transect namin! Ewwww.- herps group –tapos biglang- Andami ng kare-kare no? – Hez Huuuuuuh?? HAHA
  • *agonizing tone* Ma’am Brendaaaaaah – Jopi
  • Anong pagkakaiba ng falling star sa shooting star? – Margie
  • Ang Over-The-MBG-Bakod Olympics. Panalo si Egee. Ang haba ng bilas!
  • Ang piktyuran sa dilim sa harap ng Forestry Admin after Day 2.
  • Ang laging pagpikit nina BetJoey sa picture.
  • Ang kodakan sa gitna ng stream.
  • high pitched* OOH JOPI ANTSALAP – Bet (habang tumatawag ang nanay ni Jopi)
  • Ang lalandi naman ng mga babae dyan! – nanay ni Jopi.
  • Ay, mga lalaki po yun – Jopi. Mga bakla?! – nanay ni Jopi.
  • Ano yan, toxics? – Roger (habang hawak ang Bufo bag).
  • Ang Processing Party after Day2’s fieldwork: may ice cream, softdrinks, Stax, at Magic Flakes. Whoohoo..

Great job, herpmates! Di pa tapos ang trabaho natin! May paper pa tayo! :))