Mushroom Soup


Tastes better than it looks

Achievement unlocked! 🙂

Sautee mushrooms and sweet onions in butter. Add broth with flour and let it boil. Hand blender for consistency. Add cream. Salt and pepper to taste.



I know I don’t cook but I was so tired of the same old fried fish so I fiddled a bit around the kitchen and made this!


Tastes yummier than it looks, even my picky brother approves!

Baked Tambakol fillet with lemon mayonnaise with baked baby potatoes. Hehe. Still no rice! But this dish went so well with Coke so I drank a glass with it.

Mini weekend: Vikings!


Mum treated us all to a wonderful eat-all-you-can dinner at Vikings SM Marikina tonight. FOOOOOOD! The place can easily fit three house and lots; your hand would be tired from carrying the plate halfway from the buffet tables to your table. Haha! I was not able to take a sample of all the food, but I like their rendition of my buffet favorites (buffet-vorites!): sushi and sashimi, pasta, salad, make-your-own desserts, and grilled food. We all agreed this place to be better than YakiMix simply because of the amount of food. Haha! I’m not looking forward to eating here again for the next 10 months at least :))

Celebrating the Mini-Clerkship Weekend


Since Marianne, the one who took photographs tonight, is already asleep, I'll just use my sketch instead. L-R: Pedia Preduty me, IM Preduty Tin, and Anesth Postduty Marianne

Weekends are nonexistent through most of the weeks in clerkship and internship, so when we find time, it just takes one textpass or one chance encounter to initiate some sort of mini-UBE* among us batchmates. Tonight, it was mainly foodtripping at Rob with Tin and Marianne! Since none of us were duty (duh) we wanted to splurge on pasta. We ate dinner at TOSH, tried out their new menu (very nice) and had dessert at Dunkin Donuts then Gong Cha. It was more for the chismisan, really – stories best told away from the stressful environment of UPCM and PGH.

Sisterhood is definitely felt at the most unexpected moments. 🙂 AFTG