Today I went on my first stint as a licensed MD at a medical clinic in Vito Cruz doing preemployment physical exam for OFWs. It was quite a surprise getting the job since I was only informed yesterday, and even though I had no idea how to go there I just took the chance.

I left home 3 hours in advance to give leeway to traffic and human error and arrived at the clinic around 30 minutes before 9am. There were so many people lining up for physical by the time I arrived and after a quick interview by the HR I started work.

Work! This meant a continuous surge of rapid interview and physical exam of patients, much like in PGH OPD. I had to check most importantly any physical defects that would likely defer their employment abroad (tattoos, hernias, hemorrhoids..) and screen for sexually transmitted diseases. I had a few surprises while checking them up actually. We were done by 5pm, and I was tired! Shifting dullness I guess.

The one thing I had to adjust to the most was calling my colleagues ‘dok’ and being called ‘dok’ myself. It was very different from PGH where everyone from the director to the utility workers called each other ma’am and sir. Haha. I have to get used to that soon.


Employment selfie! Haha