A Big Birthday Thank You

[ganito ako kasaya kanina, hahaha]

.. to all my family and friends who greeted me a happy birthday!

.. sa mga nakasama kong ka-bio for lunch – jopi, mae, giz, dee, jen, moms, abby, bet, jk, roni – na hindi ko alam na mga KASABWAT in one way or another

.. my buddies darryl and jevic, na akala ko hindi naalala birthday ko

and to

.. you who thought it all up 😀 (you know who you are!)

I love surprises talaga! Thank you all for making it one of the best surprise thingys yet! HAHAHA

[NOTE: Ayaw niyo ba ishare sakin kung pano niyo naplano yun? Sige na! Curious ako.]


A Cello’s Story

It was the one of the girl’s days when she had extra money from work to treat her boyfriend, whom she haven’t seen for a while now. Well, they really didn’t impose rules about who treats who; it just so happened that this day, the boy had no money and the girl had some. 

Cello’s was one of those places where they could bond and talk with great ambience, food, and coffee, and so it was natural that they stay there. As usual, they ordered the half-dozen set (chocolate, choco-mint, oreo, cheese, cinnamon crunch, and double chocolate) and two Cafe Lattes.

The boy was his usual shy self. The girl knew that. He was too shy to ask service people for anything. Rodics, Jollibee, and now Cello’s. Sadly, he wanted to use a fork to eat the donuts. Sosi kasi eh. 
“Go on, ask,” the girl said, making hand gestures pushing the guy away from the table. Reluctantly, the boy went up to the counter and asked for forks. They had none. The boy sat down again, with two plastic knives. 
“This is the nearest thing I can get to forks.”
“It’s okay. I like it when you overcome your shy self,” the girl said, smiling. “I can cheer you on and on everytime you do that.”
The boy smiles and takes the first slice of the chocolate donut. “Sorry, I’m so hungry.Let’s eat.” 
The boy and the girl take turns slicing and eating little donut pieces. The hungry boy ate two little pieces for every piece the girl got. All the while they talked about movies with orgies in the end, Mariah Carey and her latest album and husband, colleagues at work, who in the girl’s barkada had the first boyfriend..
The cheese donut was the next victim.
“I haven’t tried this before, said the guy. Is the cheese salty?” Not really intending to wait for his gf’s answer, he took some cheese crumblings and tasted it. 
“Oooh, amazing.” He ate some more.
“I remember going here with one of my girl friends a few years ago,” the girl blurted out. “Some guy was courting him then, and they always ate here. For some reason I was always with them, and she always gives me a free donut.” 
“Cheese flavor?”
“Oh, so this is your favorite?”
The girl nodded.
“Where do you sit? Do you leave them alone?”
“No. They sit opposite to each other and I sit beside her.”
“Ahaha! Third party!”
“It’s okay with them naman daw..”
“And now your girl friend has another boyfriend. What did he look like again?”
The girl doesn’t remember. She remembers her girl friend’s first bf, not the recent one. They laugh.
The choco-mint donut, the prettiest and most awaited donut, was the last one remaining. With brown and white icing and green sprinkles, it was so nice to see. Yay, choco-mint. Too bad you’re going to be devoured, thought the guy. He was that hungry.
“It’s sweet. Yummy. Hmm..”
“Yes?” the girl asked.
“Uh oh.. my coffee’s running out.” He was sad. He knew that a really good donut can only be matched with a really good cup of coffee. He was both a donut and coffee fan. 
“You can have mine,” the girl said, pushing her cello’s paper cup with Cafe Latte. 
“I think I’m becoming more and more like my dad. It’s not impossible for him to drink ten or more cups a day. He’s already an expert, he knows when the coffee he drinks is microwaved.”
“Who the hell microwaves their coffee?” 
“Well, we do..”
“Why?” She obviously grew up in a household where the uses of a microwave are not fully realized.
“I don’t know,” the guy replied. “To make it warm again? Haha!”
The girl leaned back on the chair. “You know what? I just realized, I only drink coffee when I’m with you.”
“Really? Ah, you’re the tea and milk person, I remember.”
“Yes, and biscuits,” she says in a make-believe British accent.
“Well, are you forced to drink coffee when you’re with me?”
“Nah.. I don’t know.”
The boy takes another sip from the girl’s cup, which is now half-empty. He smiled. 
“Maybe,” he smiles. “Just maybe, you’re not really after the coffee. You’re after the conversation that comes with it. And that’s me.” He smiles even wider, like he was the greatest thing that happened to her ever.
The girl agreed. This boy had spunk. It was one of the things she liked about him, and she smiled on the inside. 
“You want water? I’ll get some,” the guy said. He got back to the table in a jiffy, with two plastic cups with cold water, giving the girl one more reason to smile. 

10 Most Memorable HERPeS Fieldwork Moments

(because I’m not good at making blow-by-blow accounts. haha.)
Aug 21-24 2008 Makiling Forest Reserve Bio 160 Off-Campus Fieldwork
Group: Herps (Herpetology: amphibians + reptiles)
Gameplan: Survey Makiling Frog Distribution and Abundance at Disturbed and Undisturbed Areas of the Makiling Botanic Garden
Team: Ako, Jopi, Bet, Joey, Hez, Egee, Mrose, Kacy

  1. MEETING, MEETING, MEETING. Wala pang isang oras pagdating sa TREES hostel, may meeting na ang Herps Group. Oha. Supposedly, may gagawin na kami on Day 0 (the day of arrival) sa labas, kaso nakakatakot, so natigil.. Anyway, walang araw na lumampas na wala kaming meeting. Favorite room ang 212 (glai-jen-kacy-me) pero we evicted ourselves and went to 205 (jopi-jay-al-roj) nung nagpaprocess na ng data ang inverts sa room namin after our Day1 field (kagulat yun ah, biglang andaming tao sa room. haha)
  2. SI MANG ‘PHILIP’. Ang dahilan kung bakit nasayang ang umaga namin sa Day1. Nakakainis talaga siya! Pinaakyat kami sa bahay niya (very steep road up from the bridge sa MBG) para lang samahan siyang magbihis. Tapos, nung nagpapatulong kaming maghanap ng sites for our survey, pinadaan pa kami sa matarik na muddy trail sa isang far far away place. Take note, lasing pa siya nung kinausap ni jopi ah. Buti na lang nireport namin kay mam. (Noli pala ang totoong pangalan niya.)
  3. ANONG NAP TIME?. Hehe. Pagkatapos magrevise ng method, akala namin may time pa para makapagrecharge ng katawan bago ang magdamag na panghuhuli ng palaka. Hindi pala. Nagkaproblema sa permit ng MBG (bakit raw walang pirma??) at baka hindi kami pagbuksan ng gate pagkatapos ng survey (masyado nang gabi). Buti na lang (??) may Mang Jun na nag-offer magbukas ng gate para sa amin pagkatapos ng survey. Kailangan ding picture-an ang frog specimens sa Museum of Natural History.
  4. FULL BATTLE GEAR. Transect lines? Check. Barbeque sticks na may masking tape para magmukhang flag? Check. Thermometer? Check. Sling psych? Check. Tubig? Check. Individual plastic bags with spec-tags inside? Check. Headlamps? Check. Specially made frog nets? Check. Boots? Check. Take out dinner from Kainan sa SU? Check check check. Pera pambayad sa entrance? Ah, eh.. Hahaha Let’s go!
  5. FIELDWORK SONGS c/o THE BOYS. Hindi yung “The Boys” per se, just the male division of our team – Bet, Joey, and Jopi. Making love, out of nothing at all.. making love, out of nothing at all.. I miss you like crazy, even more than words can say.. I miss you miss you mishoooo….WOOOOOOOW sweet child of miiiiiine…
  6. JOPI and EGEE’s PUTOSTUDIO. Sabi kasi ni ma’am, make very good pictures of the frogs we captured. Hehe. At first, di namin alam kung paano gagawin kasi nasa loob ng plastic yung mga palaka at nagrereflect ang plastic sa picture. Ang solusyon? 1. Baliktarin ang palaka para makahiga. Hindi siya gagalaw. (Salamat Ma’am Joni!) 2. Kunin ang palaka sa plastic bag. 3. Ilipat ang palaka sa loob ng Gladlock bag, linisin para maganda at ipatong sa isang very nice green leaf for contrast. 4. Ipasok ang Canon camera (Kelangan talaga canon?? haha.) 5. Kunin ang dorsal, ventral, front, back, pati na rin creative shots ng palaka. Tadaaaah.
  7. INTRODUCE YOURSELF. NO WAY. INTRODUCE YOURSELF. OKAAAY. Sorry sa ibang groups, pero pag-aari namin ang TREES hostel sa umaga. Haha! Solo kasi namin eh. Day 2 morning – pagkatapos ng super-late breakfast, pagka-photograph ng frogs, pagkanood ng Olympics, paghintay kina Mrose at Kacy na bumaba ng campus to buy food, pagkatapos ng super-late lunch (kami lang ata may ulam na chicken curry kasi inubusan na kami ng food.. bakit kaya), pagkatapos ng data input, at way before our next fieldwork… nanood kami ng movie sa laptop ni Bet (Bring It On: All or Nothing)! Haha. Natuwa ako kasi first time ko makanood ng Bring It On movie. Hehehe.
  8. ANG GLADLOCK AT PANGGUGULAT. Hehe. Mga Issue. 😀 Una sa lahat sorry sa Inverts sa pagborrow ng gladlock. T-T Na-stress si Hez nung tumakbo siya from MBG to TREES tapos siya yung tinanong about the Gladlock. Meron rin kasi kami, kaso maliit, pero ibabalik naman namin. Sorry talagaaaaa. Yung pangalawa, ginulat ni Bet si Mae (dapat si Carlos) sa madilim na forest.. Kagulat-gulat pero nakakatawa pero sorry na talaga, ha? Ayaw naman naming magka-atraso sa ibang groups. Peace tayo! Gu-bats. 🙂
  9. BUFO BUFO BUFO. One of the definitive moments of our fieldwork. Grabe. Akala namin halos walang makukuha sa Day2 (Disturbed) survey namin. Tapos biglang dumating sina M, Kacy at Ate Nicdye na may isang bag na punong- puno ng Bufo marinus. Huwaaaaw! Sobrang dami raw dun sa transect nila. Ang galing. Nung dinala namin sa TREES, kelangan paliguan bawat isa kasi nagrelease ng toxins yung mga toads tapos bloated na inside their individual plastic bags. Buti naman nung napaliguan, umokay na sila. Sa tingin ko gusto nilang isama sila lahat sa isang bag. Uy, salamat kay Roger for holding the bag 🙂 It took tons of courage for him to hold that bag.
  10. KULITAN/BANGAG/HUH??? MOMENTS. Haynaku, too many to mention. 
  • Go bats! Gu-bats!
  • Ang literal na nosebleed habang naghahanap ng palaka
  • Introduce yourself! Okay. – Ate Nicdye 
  • Ang fantastic shadow show ni BetJoey
  • Grabe andaming Rysotta sa transect namin! Ewwww.- herps group –tapos biglang- Andami ng kare-kare no? – Hez Huuuuuuh?? HAHA
  • *agonizing tone* Ma’am Brendaaaaaah – Jopi
  • Anong pagkakaiba ng falling star sa shooting star? – Margie
  • Ang Over-The-MBG-Bakod Olympics. Panalo si Egee. Ang haba ng bilas!
  • Ang piktyuran sa dilim sa harap ng Forestry Admin after Day 2.
  • Ang laging pagpikit nina BetJoey sa picture.
  • Ang kodakan sa gitna ng stream.
  • high pitched* OOH JOPI ANTSALAP – Bet (habang tumatawag ang nanay ni Jopi)
  • Ang lalandi naman ng mga babae dyan! – nanay ni Jopi.
  • Ay, mga lalaki po yun – Jopi. Mga bakla?! – nanay ni Jopi.
  • Ano yan, toxics? – Roger (habang hawak ang Bufo bag).
  • Ang Processing Party after Day2’s fieldwork: may ice cream, softdrinks, Stax, at Magic Flakes. Whoohoo..

Great job, herpmates! Di pa tapos ang trabaho natin! May paper pa tayo! :))


Think back to your first year in college. Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret. (galing kay eejay na kinuha niya from vica. ahaha!)

*What section were u?
Hindi section nun eh.. block! Block M-3! Handled ng ABM nun. Pareparehong under kay Sir Emoy sa Geol11 at kay M’Mia sa Math 17. 🙂

*Who were your seatmates?
Usually si Roni 😛 Kaya lagi kaming napagkakamalang magkamukha. Pareho ba namang may salamin, mahaba ang hair, at Diesel na bag? XD

*Still remember your english teacher?
(Teka lang ah, check ko sa CRS hahaha…) Eng 1 – Concepcion, Eng 10 – Calderon

*What was your first class?
Nung 1st sem: Geol 11 pag MTh, PE 2 Social Dance pag TF. Nung 2nd sem: Envi Sci 1 pag MTh, English 10 pag TF. 

*Who was your crush back then?
Naku, parang nakawala sa kumbento ng SSAM.. dumami e! 🙂 Hindi simultaneously, pa-isa isa lang.

[Reaction ni jb: “hindi mo naman sinagot eh”]

Haha! Fine. Uhm.. Sige, there were FOUR pero secret na lang kung sino sino sila.

*Made friends to the higher years?
Onaman. Hindi raw ako halatang freshie e. 😀 I remember Kuya Jayson (RA sa floor nina Aidz), mga classmate sa GE subjects, and my orgmates sa DanceSport.

*Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
First year? Wala pa 😉

*How was your class schedule?
Wow. Andami kong 1.5 hour breaks. Kakainis kasi napapagastos ako sa food (!) tapos wala pa kong mapuntahan kasi wala namang tambayan ang mga orgs sa CHK. Ngayon miss ko na ang mahahabang breaks.

*Made any enemies?
Meron ba? Haha! Si Roni lagi kong kaaway. 😀 Lagi ko kasing kasama nun e! Kopyahin ba naman schedules ko for the first and second sem.

*Who was your favorite teacher(s)?
Sir Emoy, na nagsabing walang social life ang nagiINTARMED, Ma’am A, my dear PE teacher and org adviser, Sir Acy Yago, Mr. ChemBoard Topnotcher, Sir Castronuevo na may kahawig na batchmate.

*What sport did you play?
DanceSport 😀 (karir days pa nun. I’d come home 2-3x a week no later than 9pm)

*Back then, do you always buy your lunch?
Yep. Nagsawa na sa kakabaon nung high school. It was heaven! Hahaha. Ang daming kainan sa UP e, pero pag bio senior na, parang CASAA na ang mundo. Pansin niyo ba yun? Kung hindi CASAA… Chateau Verde! XD hahaha joke lang. Ang sosyal naman.

*Were you a party animal?
Hindi. Na-shock ako nung freshie concert, may mga nang-gatecrash na JJs* sa event. Akala ko magugunaw na yung Bahay ng Alumni.

*JJ – jumping jologs

*Were you well known in your school?
Hindi. Kapag nagpeperform lang yung DanceSport sa mga events events ako nagpapakita sa madla. Haha! Joke lang. Most well-known moment siguro nung nag-trip ako nung event sa Bahay ng Alumni tapos nasabunutan ko si Ate Cha before our salsa performance. Sorry!

*Skip classes?
Never! Kahit ngayon.

*Did you get suspended/expelled?
Anong klaseng tanong to?

*Can you sing the alma mater?
Tulad ng sabi ni Eejay, ang pagkanta ko “UP naming mahal, pamantasang hirang.. hmmm hmm hmm hmm hmm.. [pagdating sa bandang huli] pag-asa ng bayan..” Di ko pa nga natry ipunch yung fist ko sa air sa part na yun e!

*What was your favorite subject?
Strangely enough, Philo 11. Daling dali ako sa subject na yun, parang elementary math. Pero beyond that, dun ko na-meet si Sobs, ang notorious na D.O.M.ish prof sa PH 420! Kung pupunta kayo dun, punong puno ng vandal yung mga chairs sa likod, puro tungkol sa kanya. Weirdness talaga. This was my blog entry nung July 20 2005


Recent Grafitti seen on my chair, AS 420:


Come to think about it, greenish nga ang kulay ng buhok niya kapag nakatapat sa nakakabulag na fluorescent lights ng AS 420. Pero parang imposible namang dishwashing liquid ang ginagamit na pang shine ng kanyang silvery hair. Hindi masasabing attractive ang kanyang itsura, mainly because matanda na siya’t laging pinagpapawisan pagdating sa classroom. Siguro nagaaerobics. haha


Kawawa ka sa klase niya kapag lalaki ka. Sa mahigit kumulang apat na buwan na pagdidiscuss ng symbolic logic sa inyong classroom, never ka niyang tatawagin for recitation (kung lalaki ka). At hindi ibig sabihing masaya ang buhay mo kapag babae ka sa klase niya. Siguradong every lesson may recitation point ka, sa ayaw mo’t sa gusto. Kung magandang babae ka, mas malas ka. Wala kang magagawa kundi sagutin ang bawat tanong na ibabato sa iyo every 10 minutes.


Masaya talaga ang assistant prof na ito. Ang unang-unang joke niya sa klase, hindi halatang joke. Walang natawa dahil walang naka-get. haha That must have been embarassing. Wala nga palang tatalo sa kanya sa pamimilosopo. Kapag di namin malaman ang sagot sa tanong niya, mamimilosopo siya.

Hindi na rin ako magtataka kung bakit notorious ang pangalan niya sa cssp.

*What is your school’s full name?                                                                                  University of the Philippines – Diliman (Campus?)

*Where did you go most often during breaks?
Kung saan may food. 🙂 Haha.. Food-o-taxis 😛

*If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?
Sure! Hahaha!

*What do you remember most about 1st yr?
“Para kang nakalabas sa lungga!” – Ate Tin. Neh, haha. It was the start of rediscovering myself as a person. Malay ko bang mahilig ako mag-internet, mag-blog, sumayaw, gumala-gala, at makidaldal? 🙂 Go UP!


Alam niyo ba na binago na ng Jollibee ang kanilang mascot lineup? Lima na lang sila! Wala na sina Champ at Chickie. Hmm bakit kaya? Siguro masyado nilang kamukha yung mga food na nirerepresent nila (lalo na si Chickie. hehe.) Theory lang naman yun.

Natira sina Yum, Hetty, Jollibee, Twirlie, and Popo. At siyempre upang bumagay sa panahon ngayon, binigyan sila lahat ng makeover! Sosyal!

  • Yum – NOON: Naka-suit pa siya at may hat na gawa sa burger. Mr Yum ang buong pangalan. NGAYON: Space age ata ang dating ng damit nya at medyo bumata ang itsura. Wala na ang “Mr” sa pangalan nya.. At yung hat niya naging cap na lang, pero hindi na masyadong halatang burger.
  • Hetty – NOON: Sobrang laki ng ulo tapos dahil nga spaghetti ang nirerepresent nya, may spaghetti sauce pa talaga sa ulo niya na made up of spaghetti pasta. NGAYON: Wala na ang sauce dahil perky cheerleader na siya!
  • Jollibee – Walang masyadong nagbago pero feel ko pumayat siya sa may abdomen part.. Hindi pa rin siya totoong insect though. haha
  • Twirlie – NOON: Literal na may vanilla sundae with choco syrup sa ulo nya (complete with the baso). Sweet, naka-pigtails. NGAYON: Bongga! Siya ang singer sa grupo. Upgraded ang star quality with the streaked hair (with the signature twirl pa rin pero wala nang baso) and shiny shimmering splendid clothes. Britney?
  • Popo – NOON: Mukhang siya yung pinakabata kasi naka-overalls pa siya. Katulad nina Twirlie and Hetty, meron din siyang pagkain sa ulo (French fries, kasama pa yung lalagyan). NGAYON: Kumbaga sa Spice Girls, siya na si Sporty. Naka-athletic attire and visor sa ulo dahil inalis na ang lalagyan ng fries. Cute pa rin ng hair.

Of course the most shocking change of all, nagsasalita na sila! WHOA.. English pa nga minsan eh. Hehehe at alam niyo ba na makikita mo na silang lahat sa bagong bagong kiddie show sa local TV? Ang Jollitown! Yey. 9:30-10 am every Sunday sa Kapuso Network. Iba talaga ang Jollibee. We watched the pilot episode kanina and it was good. Maeenjoy ng mga bata.

(At bakit ko alam to? Haha. One of my parents works there. Kaya forgive me, friends, for being biased. Pwede naman ako magMcDo basta maconvince niyo ko :P)

Onga pala, here’s a video I got from YouTube featuring the Jollitown Cast during their launch sa Rockwell Tent. Hehe. Relive your kiddie memories, everyone. Grabe ang galing nila sumayaw kahit na ang bibigat ng costume. haha

Nakita ko na!


Habang nagmimiryenda ng siomai sa FA, inabangan namin ni eejay at jb ang ikot jeep na may dala ng tarp ng CRAdLe. Pagkatapos ng mga lima (?) o anim na jeep dumaan si special ikot jeep at naka naman ang ganda ng tarp hahaha. Eye-catching at thought provoking. Kung hindi ka CRAdLe member mapapaisip ka kung mahalay talaga yung jeepney driver hahaha. Nakasulat lang kasi sa tarp text art ng “Let’s make children…” Yun yung tagline ng advocacy campaign ng org. Pero not really procreating ah. Promoting the rights of a child. 🙂

Let’s make children.. happy! Let’s make children ..have a nurturing family! (mga ganun)


A Week Summed Up with Headlines


Margie Ditches NMAT Review to have Time for Family, 116.1 Exam


Nakagugulantang! Exam sa 116.1, Medyo (MEDYO LANG) Dumali!
Margie Redeems Herself with a Better Report on Schistosoma
Massive Practice ng Biogyugan, Nilangaw!
Jopi Dance, Nakalilito ang Formation!


USC Election Day Today
Sir Penuliar, Nabadtrip sa mga Tumambay na Estudyante sa 102, Nagpa-quiz!
Milagro: Margie, Hindi Nakatulog sa 102 Lec!
Sir Quilang: Slavedriver ba Talaga?


Preserved Cat Now Brainless
116 Exam Doomed
Decor Com Head Sick, Roni Takes Over
Dance Medley 2 in Grave Danger of Being Shortened Yet Again
Dance Medley 2 Now Less Than 7 Minutes
Biogyugan 2008: Where are the Seniors?!
Al Siy Makes Grand Entrance at Biogyugan
“Marge, may talent ka pala?” – Gil Penuliar
“Ang Halay!” – Ian Fontanilla
Biogyugan 2008 a Success But Ended Too Soon


Mga Inaaral na Molluscs, Patuloy na Dumarami! Mga Estudyante ng 116.1, Dismayado!
116.1 Students take Early 102 Lec Exam


Lissa Caceres, Muntikan nang Maiwan sa 116.1 Field Trip!
Van ni Mang Mar, di Kumapit ang Clutch, Stranded sa NLEX
“Gusto ko STAND-UP!” – Brenda Hernandez
Grande Island: Engrande Nga Ba?
Motorola Charger ni Jen, Nawawala!
Inverts Thrive at Grande Island
Students Have Fun Despite Wounds
Annie, Lissa, Euni Sing with the Grande Island Band
Jopi at Margie, Pilit na Pinapasayaw
Kacy, Dapat na nga bang Mag-daMoves na kay Al?
Al, Pakipot kay Kacy!
Trapping Insects in Total Darkness Turns out to be Totally Cool
Baraha Night, Hindi Tuloy


All Wake Up Late
Breakfast Turns out to be Non-buffet; M’Brenda Disappointed
Crab Hunting Yields Good Specimens at the Rocky Shoreline of Grande Island
Jen Marcha, Binigyan ng Surprise Birthday Mirienda!
Huling Hirit: Swimming sa Beach
No Time For Lunch: The Ferry Calls
Missing Motorola Charger Found Inside Hotel Cabinet
Tatlong Hotel Towel ng Room ****, Nawawala Raw!
Pitong Tao Naiwan ng Ferry
M’Brenda at S’Ian, Bumuwelta Laban sa Maling Akusasyon ng Staff ng Grande Island
Pitong Taong Naiwan ng Ferry, Nakabalik na sa SBMA
116.1 Reunited 😀

Fastest 80 pesos loss in my life so far.

Bago ko ipaliwanag ang title…

Things I did today

1. Bio 102 exam sa IB– ho hum.. wala naman akong masabi except masyadong maraming shark stations. Diba? Hmph! Late pa nakasimula yung exam. Alam mo yung feeling na paulit ulit mo na siyang inaral tapos nakakatamad na tapos pagdating ng exam parang wala ka nang naalala/ walang kuneksyon ang inaral mo sa tinatanong sa exam? Parang ganun..

2. Lunch sa Jollibee Philcoa – yey. Masaya.

3. CRAdLe Outreach sa may day care center sa Barangay UP Campus – nagsilbing induction ko into the org. Masayang makahalubilo muli sa mga bata. Sobra. Kahit pasaway sila, or maingay or magulo, isang yakap lang solb na. Haaay 🙂 Member na ko ng CRAdLe!!

4. Adventure sa Kamuning – kasama ko sina (kuya?) ej at (kuya??!) marlon. Napatunayan ko sa sarili ko na mas tsismoso ang guys sa girls. Hahaha! Pero nakisali na rin ako sa pakikipagtsismisan. Ang saya nila kasama papunta sa place lalo na nung nag-detour sa Red Ribbon (sumilip lang), Goldilocks (bumili ng 16 Choco Rhumble. -OMG sa kakaulit kong pagsabi ng choco rhumble since this afternoon saka ko lang nagets kung bakit siya Choco Rhumble! Kasi may Rhum! XD ang stuuuupid-), at yung malapit na ukay-ukay (tumingin kung merong overcoat na pang guy na pwedeng gamitin pang creative shot ni marlon sa yearbook kaso wala eh).

5. Joint bday blowout nina jb at Edwin sa bahay ni jb sa Kamuning – Ayos! Debut nila pareho. Hahahaha. Sa wakas nakita ko na rin si Danika (tama ba spelling), Robbie, Edwin, at Krisha. Nakita ko uli sina Ogan, Miguel, at James. Patawa ang agarang pagdating ni Omar (dapat nag head dress ka! haha). Maraming food (20 in pizza!!!) at masaya naman ang buong event. Kaso I had to leave early kasi..

6. UP EuFAIRia sa UP Sunken Garden – maraming salamat kay Aidz sa matiyagang pagpila for me and Jom. Haha. Mga ilang oras na ata siya nakapila. Nung nakabalik na kong UP there was literally an ocean of people sa may entrance part. Whoa! Andami talagang tao. Last day na kasi. Although sabi ni marlon libre na ang entrance sa last day, 80 pesos pa rin binayad ko for my ticket. Haha. Buti na lang nakita ko si Jom in spite of all the people. (text text “Dito ako sa may orange na voks” “Nasa kalsada ba yung voks?” “Ay umalis na” haha)

    Pagkakita ko kay Jom narealize ko na mahabang mahaba na talaga yung pila. At lumabas ang mean powers ko! Haha. Nagcut kami sa pila!! Haha! Bad bad bad. Di naman kasi nakatingin yung magkakabarkadang nakapila nung nagkaron ng space sa harap nila. Hehe. Nakisingit kami discreetly. Buti naman di sila nagalit.
    Nung nakita ko na si Aidz (nakapasok na siya tapos lumabas ulit to meet us) nagtataka siya kung pano kami nakasingit. hehe. After mga 15 minutes of lining up nakapasok na kami at naka-meet up sina Darryl at Maral na kumakain na sa may field malapit sa Ferris Wheel. It was nice seeing both of them again.

    Wala pang 5 minutes na pagupo ko sa field tinawagan na ko ni Dad sabi umuwi na raw ako (nasa Bicol siya ah). Kamusta naman… Di ko naikot yung mga food stalls (although busog na ko) di ko nakita yung banda (well, hindi ko habol yun), at hindi ako nakapagFerris Wheel (HUHUHU promise ito talaga habol ko…) pinauwi na ko! Late na kasi. Hmph ang eighty pesos kooooooo

    Di bale, nagpaiwan na lang si Aidz (hero kita talaga ngayon kasi pumila ka for us) sa fair kasi may mga kasama siya. Nagtaxi na lang kami nina Darryl, Jom, at Maral kasi lahat naman kami sa may bandang Concepcion dadaan. At pinag-usapan namin ang lovelife ni Darryl pauwi. Pagdating sa Tropical (nakauwi na si Maral) hinintay ko si Mum na sunduin ako. Sinamahan naman ako nina Darryl at Jom maghintay. Hahaha. Rubik’s Cube naman ang topic. Hahaha. Nung nasundo na ko naglakad na lang si Jom pauwi at nagjeep si Darryl. 😀

Busy Saturday pero masaya. Haaay. Review ulit bukas! Este mamaya.