(resident on duty)

I also chanced upon an advertisement for a reliever ROD at a nearby private hospital. They were in need of a physician to man the ER that day and I was lucky to get the post.

Unfortunately, a really big typhoon wreaked havoc that day (typhoon Mario) making it impossible for me to get there dry by commute, so I asked my dad to drive me there. Spoiled! Haha. Boy the roads were flooded and emergency disaster personnel were already out before 9am (it got worse by the afternoon).

Dr B, the senior ROD, and Dr O, an internist met me by the hospital ER and oriented me on the hospital facilities and procedures. They also gave me tips as a new attending physician (how to deal with patients, labs, tricks of the trade). Duty was fairly ok with consults, one admission and procedures. I was able to sleep and eat (free meals!) comfortably. 

In the end I enjoyed my first duty as an ROD. Yup, there’s still some getting used to being called ‘doc’ but I can’t help smiling about it. I realized that indeed the private setup is way easier in terms of labs (results are out immediately! Wow) and procedures.. I wish government hospitals provided the same standards in terms of equipment. I’m looking forward to duty there again. Whoaaa. Hahaha.


Pedia Week 2: PER

After 2 duty days of Pedia ER have I only gotten the hang of PER SIC work. Sabi nga ng iba, hindi mo na kailangan mag-isip pa kapag nasa Pedia ER, dahil magcacarry out lang ng orders, specifically labs. The rest of history taking and referrals are done by the duty residents. Again I am so grateful for having my buddy Ricky during this week so that we have more manpower at PER. Still, our first duty was overflowing with patients! After the long Undas weekend we had a total of 20+ consults (usual is around 10), many of them toxic patients. I still blame Ricky’s spaghetti* “tikim” from JB the preduty clerk for that.

Anyway, yesterday’s duty was more benign with fewer cases, but still with many “toxic” cases, like one of the 30-weeker preterm baby who was just delivered at home by a clueless mommy, or the twin neonates with bacterial meningitis, or the diptheria infant who, after being resuscitated and intubated at the ER and wheeled in at the ward, coded early this morning. The rest were simpler cases.

I think I already got my groove. Not to mention I replaced my defective duty bag with a sturdier belt bag (makes me look like a handyman according to Ricky haha) with all of the necessary stuff inside:


Fits my steth, BP app, alcohol, gloves, everything!!! Also got it embroidered with my name for around P60. There is so much character in this bag, I think I should give it a name :))

One more duty on Sunday and I’m halfway done with Pedia! Two weeks of pedia wards next. 🙂

* DUTY superstition: while on duty, don’t eat spaghetti! It makes your duty more toxic.