(Supposedly) The Last Entry for 2009

(not really in order)
This yearΒ 
I’m glad I was able to finish
1. gathering handedness data from more than a thousand families
2. my thesis with the unorthodox topic haha
3. my bio degree!
4. first sem of med!
I’m happy I was able to start..
1. my life as a medical student
2. a relatively more independent life in manila
3. wearing contacts
I went to both new and familiar places
1. Cebu
2. Bohol
3. Albay
4. Batangas
I surprised myself by
1. daring to wear shorts for a dance number (first time promise!).. and another.. and another
2. trying out street, jazz, pinoy, jopazz.. :)) and appearing 4 times for TRP
3. signing up for a sorority haha
4. forcing myself to learn how to apply makeup on my own kasi kailangan. yes i’m that clueless haha
5. realizing i love dissecting cadavers
I’m thankful for these opportunities
1. participating in a medmish
2. volunteering for Ondoy relief ops
3. reaching out to PGH patients during the holidays
I feel blessed to have met, for the first time
1. upcm class 2014 (walang katapat!) πŸ˜€
2. org-mates and future org-mates πŸ˜€
I feel more blessed to have by my side
1. my family (kahit sa text lang, ayos na!)
2. my friends
3. my BFFs
siyempre si God πŸ™‚
2009 was my year of endings, beginnings, and amazing opportunities. It was a good year, and I thank Him with all my heart πŸ™‚
On to 2010 friends! Happy new year!

IB Relief Operations

Repost from Sir Dino

Institute of Biology in cooperation with UP SAGIP ISKO calls for donations for IB faculty and students as well as for the other sites that were affected by the typhoon Ondoy is on-going.

Please help out by donating the basic necessities:
clothes (blankets, towels, sanitary napkins, underwear), food (rice, noodles, canned goods, WATER) and medicine (multivitamins, paracetamol, etc…important rin ang alcohol). We’re accepting relief goods, and monetary donations (to buy the stuff needed by the victims of the typhoon) starting Wednesday. There will be a box left at the IB lobby for the donations.

In addition to that, it’ll be really amazing if each org donates a sack of rice. It’s not much but this can feed a LOT of people.

Also, volunteers are needed from Wednesday to Friday for packing, sorting, delivering, etc. Materials for packing such as markers, plastic bags, packaging tape, and masking tape will be needed as well. Please reply to this post if interested.

Sir Wigi Garcia and his family are safe but their house is gone. Other IB profs are OK, although Sir Mamaril ay di pa rin macontact.

Guys, a little help can do a lot!

If you know any others na affected by the storm, please reply to this post with the details!

Please disseminate this info to orgs (members and apps) and to all the people you know. Textbrig, facebook, multiply, YM group message, kung-ano-man na guys. Thank you!

Sikretong Malupit… Muna. n____n

Dear friends,

Good day! Before you hear it from some classmate, your buddy, an orgmate, or even Ate Cherry (?! what are the odds), I want to say it right here, right now, straight from me, para naman hindi kayo magulat, diba?

Thursday afternoon, just this week, I stopped by a certain hut in campus, and signed up for Mu Sigma Phi sorority.


Minadali ko ba ang desisyon? Para sakin hindi. Matagal ko na siya inisip (no Mae, not during the last days of college, that’s too early! haha!) at sa tingin ko naman, I have enough reasons to join.

Hindi ko na sasabihin isa-isa ang mga dahilan, pero kung gusto mo talagang malaman, just ask me personally. πŸ™‚

Will this decision have an effect on my existing relationships? Negatively, I hope it doesn’t.

The last thing I want to do is break bonds with people just because of their affiliations. That I find shallow.

Siyempre, priority pa rin ang Class 2014, ayon nga kay Pito. For me, new friends are silver, but old friends are (hindi lang gold!!) platinum.. Sa totoo lang hindi platinum eh. Oxygen! Ano namang gagawin ko sa platinum kung hindi ako makahinga?!

Sana, kahit brod man o sis o barb, magiging friends pa rin tayo.. lalo na ang mga bio. Go Bio!

Sa mga forever-mates ko sa class, I promise not to let this get in the way of class activities, lalo na pag groupwork and such. I am a med student, after all.

I love you all. πŸ™‚


*seryosong sikretong malupit muna ha.*

PS. MedRhythmics training ulit sa Monday! Come let’s join us! HAHAHA

How to Manipulate Gossip to Get Free Ice Cream

Warning: Do not attempt to do this on a not-so-close-friend, or someone who is not as persistent and curious about gossip. Do not abuse this ability. Haha! Or else you’ll lose friends.. and respect too. HAHA!

Disclaimer: I have informed all parties of the publication of this blogpost. Whoohoo! How fun.

Here goes:


DORA: sinong bio classmate ang HINDI NA SINGLE?
DORA: haha
DORA: hindi
BOOTS: bioclassmate/medclassmate?
DORA: bio
BOOTS: ohhh
DORA: i won’t tell
DORA: hahaha
BOOTS: si NNN?!!?!!?
DORA: i won’t tell
DORA: i love it when you try
BOOTS: you like toying with me
BOOTS: sino nga?
DORA: or any food item of similar value
DORA: =)
BOOTS: haynaku!
DORA: hahaha
DORA: πŸ˜„
DORA: the answer costs TWO FROZEN YOGURTS or any food item of similar value
DORA: TWO kasi isa sakin isa sa person in question
BOOTS: similar value?
BOOTS: hahahaha
BOOTS: i’ll wash dishes na lang
DORA: that’s not similar value
DORA: you’ll have to wash 50 plates in 30 min πŸ˜„
BOOTS: haynaku
DORA: ba’t di mo na lang kasi tanungin
BOOTS: kanina pa kaya!
BOOTS: SINO?!?!?!?!?
DORA: hindi sakin
DORA: dun sa T.I.Q. (tao in question)
BOOTS: hahahaha
BOOTS: ano ba yan
DORA: ikr
BOOTS: hmm
BOOTS: girl guy?
DORA: secret
BOOTS: haynaku
DORA: why is it you really have to know?
DORA: hmmm?
BOOTS: i don’t have to kno
BOOTS: i just hate not knowing
BOOTS: hahaha
DORA: awww
DORA: madali lang naman malaman eh
DORA: it just costs at least one fro-yo
DORA: n__________n
BOOTS: wala akong pera
DORA: or a food item of similar value
DORA: n_________________________n
DORA: hehe
DORA: inis n yan
BOOTS: hahahaha
BOOTS: ang kulit!
DORA: πŸ˜„
DORA: hindi kaya
BOOTS: haha
BOOTS: oo kaya
DORA: naHAWA lang ako saΒ  kakulitan mo
DORA: (get it?)
BOOTS: hahahaha
BOOTS: o na
DORA: bilis ah
DORA: nahulaan mo na?
BOOTS: hahaha
DORA: let’s see
DORA: ano nga ba ang mga nakakahawa?
DORA: ang obvious ko na ha!
BOOTS: eh ako may TB eh!
BOOTS: single pa din ako
DORA: as if naman attracting factor yun
DORA: haha
DORA: h1n1?
BOOTS: ahhh
BOOTS: h1n1
BOOTS: hahaha
BOOTS: tapos?
BOOTS: swine?
BOOTS: mataba siya?
DORA: paalalahanan mo kong batukan kita when we meet again
DORA: as in
DORA: haha
BOOTS is typing a message.
BOOTS: eh wala na akong maisip na connection eh!
BOOTS: uhhh
BOOTS: di ko gets connection ng tao sa h1n1
BOOTS: hahaha
DORA: sinabi ko lang naman na h1n1 kasi nakakahawa un
DORA: that’s the main clue
BOOTS: uhhhh
BOOTS: uhhh
DORA: SEE? you’re overthinking! nyahaha
BOOTS: wala nga ako maisip eh
BOOTS: hahaha
BOOTS: i’m not thinking at all
DORA: deym
DORA: haha
DORA: daya binigyan na kita ng clue na free
DORA: haha
DORA: wag na lang frozen yogurt, DQ na lang πŸ˜„
DORA: πŸ˜„
DORA: hanggang kelan ka “walang pera”?
DORA: nyahaha
BOOTS: habang med
BOOTS: =))
DORA: harharhar
DORA: ako rin e
DORA: nyahaha!
DORA: sige, ice cream on a stick! wala pang 15 pesos yun sa grocery. ganun ako kabait.
DORA: πŸ˜„
BOOTS: hahhaa
BOOTS: fine fine
BOOTS: clue
BOOTS: i wanna guess
BOOTS: hahahaa
BOOTS: hindi ko magets
BOOTS: red ribbon
BOOTS: cake
BOOTS: who likes cake
BOOTS: haha
DORA: anlaki naman ng galit mo kay XXXXXXX
BOOTS: more
DORA: siyempre pag mura ang ice cream mas obscure ang clue
BOOTS: you’re bored
DORA: (actually di nga masyado obscure eh)
DORA: you’re overthinking!
BOOTS: wala na
BOOTS: wala na akong maisip
BOOTS: hahahah
DORA: choco sundae! n____________n
BOOTS: clue ba yan?
BOOTS: o prize mo?
BOOTS: haha
DORA: hindi, prize!
BOOTS: hahaha
BOOTS: clue!
DORA: hoy BOOTS ang obvious na nyan
BOOTS: maybe for you!
BOOTS: one december
BOOTS: 1 12?
BOOTS: uhhh…
DORA: lemme recap!
DORA: nakakahawa-red ribbon-one december
DORA: nakakahawa
DORA: red ribbon
DORA: one december
DORA: hums *dora the explorer*
DORA: nakakahawa..
DORA: red ribbon..
DORA: one december!
BOOTS: am i just really stupid?
BOOTS: hahahahah
DORA: believe in yourself! kaya mo yan
DORA: nakakahawa..
DORA: red ribbon..
DORA: one december!
BOOTS: am i guessing for the name?
BOOTS: or the person?
DORA: secret!
BOOTS: aids?
BOOTS: di ko alam kung ano yung red ribbon at one december
DORA: teka lang ah
BOOTS: sino?
BOOTS: si GGG!?!
DORA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_AIDS_Day
DORA: karagdagang kaalaman
BOOTS: ahhh
DORA: upang ikaw ay maliwanagan
BOOTS: red ribbon
BOOTS: hahahahaha
BOOTS: gets
BOOTS: alam ko na yung red ribbon
BOOTS: siyempre inisip ko yung cake
DORA: siyempre gutom ka
DORA: haha!
BOOTS: sino?
BOOTS: hahaha
BOOTS: natuwa naman ako
DORA: wag mo na alamin kung sino, di mo naman kilala eh
DORA: haha!
BOOTS: aww
BOOTS: haha
BOOTS: hahaha
DORA: wag na tama na
DORA: i shall post this in my blog
DORA: πŸ˜„
BOOTS: hahahahahaha
BOOTS: fine fine
BOOTS: anywya
BOOTS: sige
BOOTS: ako’y matutulog na
BOOTS: napagod din ako dun
BOOTS: good night
DORA: good night!
DORA: yay ice cream!
DORA: whoohoo!
BOOTS: hahahah
DORA: good night
BOOTS: good night.


To BOOTS: bahala ka kung seseryosohin mo yung prizes ko! haha! Seriously, okay lang na hindi. Alam mo namang ang saya saya mong pagtripan and okay na ko dahil nagawa ko na ang misyon ko. Apir!