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Day 2

It was like a slippery slope.. Huhu

Physiology – fair but there were still MCQs with choices so out of this world (or too related to each other that I couldn’t see the best answer. Was that just me?)
Legal Med – ’twas ok.
Pathology – uuuuughhhh so hard



Whenever I get excited about something new thay’s going to happen the next day, whether it be field trips or parties or exams, I always end up not sleeping early (like now!). Our countdown finally reached the 1 month-to-go mark and everybody’s feeling happy that internship (and PGH life in general) is coming to an end. I’m not an exception 🙂 To add to that, we’re down to our last 10 duties already (thanks to OB’s true postduty status, our 3 day duty cycles feel like a really fast 2 day cycle – you won’t feel the days dragging by) AND I’m the Labs Master* tomorrow. Gahhhh so excited and scared and everything that’s making me not sleep right now. Haha!

With His grace I hope to be able to course through the remaining days with calmness and grace. Yes, in spite of the sweltering summer heat. Kayang kaya.

*- one assigned to do submit and retrieve all labs done on the OBGYN patients at the ER. A challenging day for your stamina, given all of the running around and stuff