I guess we now have a petting zoo..

Aside from humans, we now have
3 fish/fishes?
1 bird
3 cats
5 kittens
1 shitzu
1 poodle
1 lab – Alessandra, who I just found out today is again (for the fourth time) a mother of…


The dark force is strong with this one

Congrats Alex!


Still the most byutipul dog in the world


New Year’s Eve Duty


Only a few more hours and 2013 shall draw to a close. Whew! It’s been one great year especially with the start of internship, my last year in medical school ๐Ÿ™‚

Things to be thankful for..

1) Good health of my family and all the blessings

2) Wonderful blockmates – NicJonasCarliBrazyBeaIshiBugsBia, indeed we are the warmest block ๐Ÿ™‚

3) Admirable residents, nurses, staff of PGH

4) A year full of love

5) Being able to rekindle and nurture old friendships

6) Patients who have taught me most, if not all, real lessons in life, in living, in dying

7) A country so resilient in the face of calamities you can’t help but be inspired

8) All the FAIL moments that have become opportunities to do better

9) (of course) The WIN moments as well.

They’re all claiming 2014 is their year, but for me I’d rather share its glory with all the people close to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to many LASTs and FIRSTs this 2014.

All for the Glory
Ut in Omnibus Glorificatur Deus



So postduty me was walking home from the hospital after a heavy rain and I had no umbrella.

A nice lady walking in front of me offered to walk with me so I won’t get so wet. I was apologetic and grateful at the same time, saying sorry and thank you repeatedly. Apparently she thought her umbrella was too big for just herself so she shared it with me.

I did not catch her name but to Ms. Lady in a Dainty Floral Dress and Big Umbrella, thank you. You made my gloomy day more hopeful.