It was already the fourth day post boards and already every one was feeling anxious. We were all refreshing the PRC website almost hourly waiting for the news. By 5 pm our class was already gathered at the PGH chapel for a supposed thanksgiving mass (for passing the boards) but even after mass there was still no results.

By 7pm, we dropped by a Mu dineout as alumnae sisses and still no results.. Haha!

By 8pm, we met up with our Mu batchmates for the September babies birthday bash at Nihonbashitei. We talked of nothing else but those board exam results. Then after dinner my dad called and said his congratulations for passing. During that time I was still skeptical since the PRC site still yielded nothing. That call left all of us even more anxious and we were seriously considering not showing up at ClubMed, our joint frat-soro Mu Week event. We felt that celebrating was still premature.

We decided to ‘just show up’ and show support to the brods and sisses who made the event possible. They were all happy to see us but I think it was still obvious we had that fearful look in our faces. Barely 15 minutes in and suddenly…

Mac called Marianne. My buddy Marianne couldn’t understand what Mac was saying except ‘omygod omygod omygod’ over and over! We called her again, this time outside the noisy Mint Club, already at the street. May results na!! she said. UP’s passing rate was not a hundred percent but all sisses and brods passed. One of my batchmates even made it to the topnotchers’ list. She read all names through the line and we were all screaming and jumping up and down like crazy idiots. Haha!ย  We each called our loved ones, updated fb, and partied for real this time. ๐Ÿ™‚

The wait was over, and I thank Him most of all for guiding us all the way and giving us strength. On to the future!


What happened to my elective bucket list


finish blog and report – 50%
go to Bicol
go to Baguio
Angelans Christmas Party
Biodil Reunion? – never materialized haha
2014 Christmas Party
Mu Caroling 2012 – sched did not jive
Climb a mountain – but I did caving and hiking and kayaking and snorkeling for a bit
Practice driving
blog more
decorate the house for the holidays
help Nic with grad prep
linis sa Grand – maybe this weekend
gift for parents – does preparing Noche Buena and Media Noche count??

Celebrating the Mini-Clerkship Weekend


Since Marianne, the one who took photographs tonight, is already asleep, I'll just use my sketch instead. L-R: Pedia Preduty me, IM Preduty Tin, and Anesth Postduty Marianne

Weekends are nonexistent through most of the weeks in clerkship and internship, so when we find time, it just takes one textpass or one chance encounter to initiate some sort of mini-UBE* among us batchmates. Tonight, it was mainly foodtripping at Rob with Tin and Marianne! Since none of us were duty (duh) we wanted to splurge on pasta. We ate dinner at TOSH, tried out their new menu (very nice) and had dessert at Dunkin Donuts then Gong Cha. It was more for the chismisan, really – stories best told away from the stressful environment of UPCM and PGH.

Sisterhood is definitely felt at the most unexpected moments. ๐Ÿ™‚ AFTG