Pedia Week 1: Catcher

Our first week in Pedia was a smooth transition from the light FamMed rotation as Ricky and I (my Hospice and now Pedia buddy) were posted at the Nursery subrotation. Preduty days are for mini-preceptorials at the 4th floor Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Seeing all the babies swaddled makes one feel so.. warm and fuzzy inside! Kakagigil!


NICU baskets, JB, and the macrobebe we delivered during our first duty. Siopao!

Duty days are spent at the LR/DR, catching newborns and giving Essential Newborn Care (ENC). Gone were the days of baby butt-slapping and suctioning and immediate bathing; today’s WHO guidelines are evidence based and ensures that during the first few moments of life, the baby is able to maximise all methods for increased immunity and overall lowered risk for infection. I like it because it promotes earlier mother-child bonding 🙂

The clerks (Nic, JB, Ricky and I) also had our bonding times with the neonates, of course.


Clockwise from L: Postduty Nic, Duty Marj, Duty Ricky, and Preduty JB. I thank this rotation for making me more confident in baby-holding.

It was a good thing we were swamped with deliveries during our first duty; the second and last one was not as action-packed as the OBAS and LR/DR would be closed for a week for cleaning (Good luck to the next team). Instead we assisted in checking up DRI (direct roomed-in) babies at Ward 15. Oh, babies just make my heart melt, is there a direct neonatology residency program I can apply after boards?


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