Wednesdays are Breast Days and Soaping Days

Breast Days for OPD’s Minor OR.

It was my first time to “scrub in” yesterday together with 4 other blockmates. I enjoyed talking with the interns and resident and watching them get nasty breast lumps out of their patients. I can’t wait for other OR experiences. No rush though, it’s just day 3 of my ICC life naman. 😀


“Soaping” for the departmental conference.

Another first time. It was not like the usual CPCs of Tuesday Conferences past. It was hardcore feedback and analysis of that week(?)’s mortality cases. Although I felt bad for some of the residents that were given sermons by the consultants, I understand that it was necessary to improve on their training as residents and fellows. I think that in surgery, since you’re the one actively inflicting harm on the patient, it really makes sense to take note of all the finest details and monitor their status constantly. In the PGH setup where patients and doctors are the most toxic.. that’s hard


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