IB Relief Operations

Repost from Sir Dino

Institute of Biology in cooperation with UP SAGIP ISKO calls for donations for IB faculty and students as well as for the other sites that were affected by the typhoon Ondoy is on-going.

Please help out by donating the basic necessities:
clothes (blankets, towels, sanitary napkins, underwear), food (rice, noodles, canned goods, WATER) and medicine (multivitamins, paracetamol, etc…important rin ang alcohol). We’re accepting relief goods, and monetary donations (to buy the stuff needed by the victims of the typhoon) starting Wednesday. There will be a box left at the IB lobby for the donations.

In addition to that, it’ll be really amazing if each org donates a sack of rice. It’s not much but this can feed a LOT of people.

Also, volunteers are needed from Wednesday to Friday for packing, sorting, delivering, etc. Materials for packing such as markers, plastic bags, packaging tape, and masking tape will be needed as well. Please reply to this post if interested.

Sir Wigi Garcia and his family are safe but their house is gone. Other IB profs are OK, although Sir Mamaril ay di pa rin macontact.

Guys, a little help can do a lot!

If you know any others na affected by the storm, please reply to this post with the details!

Please disseminate this info to orgs (members and apps) and to all the people you know. Textbrig, facebook, multiply, YM group message, kung-ano-man na guys. Thank you!


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