Sikretong Malupit… Muna. n____n

Dear friends,

Good day! Before you hear it from some classmate, your buddy, an orgmate, or even Ate Cherry (?! what are the odds), I want to say it right here, right now, straight from me, para naman hindi kayo magulat, diba?

Thursday afternoon, just this week, I stopped by a certain hut in campus, and signed up for Mu Sigma Phi sorority.


Minadali ko ba ang desisyon? Para sakin hindi. Matagal ko na siya inisip (no Mae, not during the last days of college, that’s too early! haha!) at sa tingin ko naman, I have enough reasons to join.

Hindi ko na sasabihin isa-isa ang mga dahilan, pero kung gusto mo talagang malaman, just ask me personally. 🙂

Will this decision have an effect on my existing relationships? Negatively, I hope it doesn’t.

The last thing I want to do is break bonds with people just because of their affiliations. That I find shallow.

Siyempre, priority pa rin ang Class 2014, ayon nga kay Pito. For me, new friends are silver, but old friends are (hindi lang gold!!) platinum.. Sa totoo lang hindi platinum eh. Oxygen! Ano namang gagawin ko sa platinum kung hindi ako makahinga?!

Sana, kahit brod man o sis o barb, magiging friends pa rin tayo.. lalo na ang mga bio. Go Bio!

Sa mga forever-mates ko sa class, I promise not to let this get in the way of class activities, lalo na pag groupwork and such. I am a med student, after all.

I love you all. 🙂


*seryosong sikretong malupit muna ha.*

PS. MedRhythmics training ulit sa Monday! Come let’s join us! HAHAHA


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