Da Who?

From the IB Baccalaureate Celebration April 24 2009. Of course I have the complete list.I scrambled it so you can guess. Haha! Thanks to M’RRR for the funny ad libs!

  1. The “kingky” ABM president who looks young for his age
  2. The “palengkera” voice with the motherly instinct
  3. The animal lover and only vegetarian of the batch
  4. The baby-faced huggable gentleman
  5. The batch clown and author of “When mother sharks get pregnant, baby sharks come out!”
  6. The batch financier who spilled formalin in IB
  7. The best ecologist and future malacologist of the batch
  8. The biker boy with hidden acting talent
  9. The bookish playgirl with the famous “kamandag”
  10. The Bossing with the golden voice and impartial judgment
  11. The Cebuana with excellent football skills
  12. The child-like, gullible guy with the nice smile
  13. The Chinese brother who whips up the best drinks
  14. The dedicated dancer with the noticeable behind
  15. The demure expert on the development of the feather
  16. The enthusiastic girl who’s one of the boys
  17. The funny music fan who sang “Igiling-giling”
  18. The gifted belter who finds it hard to wake up early
  19. The girl who always sleeps, in and out of class
  20. The girl with Sir Mamaril’s favorite name
  21. The girl with the cute automatic Jeep
  22. The guy who disappears during the end of the sem
  23. The happy-go-lucky batch insurance provider
  24. The hardworking, responsible San Miguel fan
  25. The Hot Sauce with the funniest facial expressions
  26. The kikay creator of “Shut up, you whore!”
  27. The kind-hearted girl that should not be angered
  28. The king of football with very expressive eyebrows
  29. The king of Kings who dances like Vhong and JT
  30. The lovable Summa who gamely did the robot dance
  31. The multitalented king of kalokohan
  32. The nice guy who’s always on the go
  33. The one with the best stories and best crushes
  34. The panicky one who slid down Mt Sembrano’s muddy slope
  35. The peaceful, poised, and calm Herps Queen
  36. The Plant Man with the BPI award
  37. The posh girl who danced “Pamela-ela-One!”
  38. The posh, classy girl who works fast and neat at the lab
  39. The prized Edward Cullen of many girls
  40. The queen of the Biogyugan dance floor
  41. The quiet and very religious soon-to-be-IB-professor
  42. The quiet girl who became the praying mantis
  43. The quiet-outside but fierce-inside fencing girl
  44. The seawhore-seahorse mater
  45. The small but terrible lady who always sees the silver lining
  46. The sporty honey-star chick who’s game for anything
  47. The sporty Koreano hottie who always sleeps in class
  48. The statuesque, quiet one
  49. The stylish girl with the paper bag and personal alipin
  50. The super nice and cuddly junior fan
  51. The sweet basketball MVP
  52. The sweet, fair, kind, but gullible headturner
  53. The talkative theater boy bursting with energy and ideas
  54. The tall, dark, and handsome cool guy and lab worker
  55. The teachers’ favorite pupil who always says “Chever!”
  56. The trendy Koreana who always gives long reports
  57. The ultimate CS Idol coming up with the ultimate pranks
  58. The ultimate manga (pronounced “mang-ga”) addict


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