The Most Expensive Bracelet Ever

WHO: me (ME), my mum (MUM)
WHERE: bedroom
WHEN: ngayon, kani-kanina lang
WHY: I don’t know

MUM (enters room with a stash of stuff)
O Gi, pili ka. Pink o black?

Huh? What’s that?

MUM (hides stuff)
Basta pili ka muna! Pink no? Sige pink

MUM brings out a pink baller-band like thingy, with a label that says “Anion Health Bracelet”

Hahaha! Anong gagawin ko dito?

Suotin mo! Tanggalin mo lang pag maliligo ka

@_@ weh?

Ayos to! Dali dali itest mo ko

MUM is wearing a yellow version of the same baller band thingy, apparently


MUM holds my hand and pulls it downward.. and I become confused

Ano dapat mangyari?

MUM (pulls down harder)
Labanan mo!

I try to maintain my posture. Apparently MUM is trying to pull me down in spite of my resistance.. but she couldn’t

Tapos? Ano dapat mangyari?? Haha

MUM gets frustrated but still laughs

Basta it worked kay Dad! Haha!

MUM leaves the room.

Bigay mo kay ate yung black ah! 🙂

@_@ okay..

MUM goes back

Suotin mo yan ah! 1500 isa nyan n_________n


Sabi sa flyer:
For years researchers have advised consuming more alkaline foods (ie vegetables and some fruits with a higher pH) is beneficial to your health…What is the cause of Acidosis of the blood? Essentially it comes as a result of the loss of electrons… The more Negatively Charged Electric Ions there are in the blood, the more efficient the cell’s metabolic process.



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