BIO Batch Writeup Final

c/o Euni and I (thanks Google Docs! *thumbs up*)
special thanks to moms for the initial writeup!
[for posterity]

Dimly lit creepy hallways, animals in jars, cabinets filled with plastic-clad bodies, and strangely scented rooms – these are just a few of the things every single Bio senior have learned to love. The many years of residing within the walls of Pav4 and the IB Main Building have definitely rubbed off on the latest batch of graduating Bio majors, from their relatively conservative ways of clothing (no uber-short-short-OMG-short shorts here!) to the biological jargon they utilize in their everyday conversations (“oh my, not another wees-wass bird!”, “na-contaminate yung callus ko!”, “gotta go, magga-gavage pa ko!”, “Oh no, nag-rigor mortis na! Bilis! ATP!”, “Sir F! Sir Q! Sir A! Ma’am U! Ma’am B!, Ma’am RRR!”, “132, 122, 140, 160, 200?! Magpapakamatay ka ba, friend?”). For biology is definitely not just a detached body of knowledge, it is a way of life, and batch 2009 has embraced it to the fullest.

All Science majors are seen as out-of-this-world in terms of intellectual capacity, and today’s Ka-Bios are no exception. However, they differ significantly as they are as diverse as the number of taxonomic groups that exist on Earth. All are biologists, but many stand out as artists, dancers, musicians, debaters, goddesses, impersonators, DJs, fitness trainers, philosophers, singers, LCD technicians, comedians, eventologists, hosts and hostesses, photographers, or some other alter ego. Still, all these groups miraculously blend well together to create one big party at the IB Lobby during common breaktimes. Once the serious acad mode is over, Ka-Bios are often seen still hanging out at the Lobby – eating, chatting, jamming with a guitar, gossiping, and just having fun. We deserve it, you know!

Aside from dichotomous keys, Munsell color charts, chromosomal aberrations, flora, muscle OIAs, and hemolytic points, the most important things a Bio major learns inside IB are those that don’t come from books. It is within these four years that their every single breaking point has been tested. They learned the true meaning of patience, resourcefulness, flexibility, diligence, and camaraderie. Their keen sense of observation coupled with a genuine appreciation for every single living organism, even those that may seem gross, are the best tools one can have at a time where everything seems fast-paced and superficial. It is in these particular aspects that this batch of seniors truly shine. The treacherous road towards a Biology major’s graduation demonstrated natural selection in action, reducing the batch’s number from 89 to 58, ensuring that only the fittest survive, ultimately making them one of the treasured endemic species of the country.


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