Bye Awful..

Awful was our Great Dane dog who lived with us for about 7 years. Why Awful? Awfully big? I don’t remember. We didn’t name him, his previous owners did.

He was a puppy (a big one), about three years old, when he came to our household. He came with us when we moved houses. He was big. He looked like Scooby Doo, but gray instead of brown. 

This morning he couldn’t get up, and as my dad backed up the car away from the garage, I saw him for one last time. There was a weird feeling in my mind that yes, he was going to die soon. And it was true. Ate told me when I got home. 
He was old. In human years (according to an ‘accurate’ dog year calculator) he was 53 years old when he passed away. 
I regret not being able to pet him for the last few years. When I was young it was easy for me to pat his head and get so near him. I remember chasing him along the length of the street because he got loose. He was the nearest thing we could have next to a pony because he was big.
I’ll miss him. FPJ (his Rottweiler buddy) and Alessandra (Lab) will miss him too. The birds, I’m not sure. As for Harvey (boy rabbit), I don’t know too. 

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