A Cello’s Story

It was the one of the girl’s days when she had extra money from work to treat her boyfriend, whom she haven’t seen for a while now. Well, they really didn’t impose rules about who treats who; it just so happened that this day, the boy had no money and the girl had some. 

Cello’s was one of those places where they could bond and talk with great ambience, food, and coffee, and so it was natural that they stay there. As usual, they ordered the half-dozen set (chocolate, choco-mint, oreo, cheese, cinnamon crunch, and double chocolate) and two Cafe Lattes.

The boy was his usual shy self. The girl knew that. He was too shy to ask service people for anything. Rodics, Jollibee, and now Cello’s. Sadly, he wanted to use a fork to eat the donuts. Sosi kasi eh. 
“Go on, ask,” the girl said, making hand gestures pushing the guy away from the table. Reluctantly, the boy went up to the counter and asked for forks. They had none. The boy sat down again, with two plastic knives. 
“This is the nearest thing I can get to forks.”
“It’s okay. I like it when you overcome your shy self,” the girl said, smiling. “I can cheer you on and on everytime you do that.”
The boy smiles and takes the first slice of the chocolate donut. “Sorry, I’m so hungry.Let’s eat.” 
The boy and the girl take turns slicing and eating little donut pieces. The hungry boy ate two little pieces for every piece the girl got. All the while they talked about movies with orgies in the end, Mariah Carey and her latest album and husband, colleagues at work, who in the girl’s barkada had the first boyfriend..
The cheese donut was the next victim.
“I haven’t tried this before, said the guy. Is the cheese salty?” Not really intending to wait for his gf’s answer, he took some cheese crumblings and tasted it. 
“Oooh, amazing.” He ate some more.
“I remember going here with one of my girl friends a few years ago,” the girl blurted out. “Some guy was courting him then, and they always ate here. For some reason I was always with them, and she always gives me a free donut.” 
“Cheese flavor?”
“Oh, so this is your favorite?”
The girl nodded.
“Where do you sit? Do you leave them alone?”
“No. They sit opposite to each other and I sit beside her.”
“Ahaha! Third party!”
“It’s okay with them naman daw..”
“And now your girl friend has another boyfriend. What did he look like again?”
The girl doesn’t remember. She remembers her girl friend’s first bf, not the recent one. They laugh.
The choco-mint donut, the prettiest and most awaited donut, was the last one remaining. With brown and white icing and green sprinkles, it was so nice to see. Yay, choco-mint. Too bad you’re going to be devoured, thought the guy. He was that hungry.
“It’s sweet. Yummy. Hmm..”
“Yes?” the girl asked.
“Uh oh.. my coffee’s running out.” He was sad. He knew that a really good donut can only be matched with a really good cup of coffee. He was both a donut and coffee fan. 
“You can have mine,” the girl said, pushing her cello’s paper cup with Cafe Latte. 
“I think I’m becoming more and more like my dad. It’s not impossible for him to drink ten or more cups a day. He’s already an expert, he knows when the coffee he drinks is microwaved.”
“Who the hell microwaves their coffee?” 
“Well, we do..”
“Why?” She obviously grew up in a household where the uses of a microwave are not fully realized.
“I don’t know,” the guy replied. “To make it warm again? Haha!”
The girl leaned back on the chair. “You know what? I just realized, I only drink coffee when I’m with you.”
“Really? Ah, you’re the tea and milk person, I remember.”
“Yes, and biscuits,” she says in a make-believe British accent.
“Well, are you forced to drink coffee when you’re with me?”
“Nah.. I don’t know.”
The boy takes another sip from the girl’s cup, which is now half-empty. He smiled. 
“Maybe,” he smiles. “Just maybe, you’re not really after the coffee. You’re after the conversation that comes with it. And that’s me.” He smiles even wider, like he was the greatest thing that happened to her ever.
The girl agreed. This boy had spunk. It was one of the things she liked about him, and she smiled on the inside. 
“You want water? I’ll get some,” the guy said. He got back to the table in a jiffy, with two plastic cups with cold water, giving the girl one more reason to smile. 

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