Double Entendre.

A double entendre is a figure of speech similar to the pun, in which a spoken phrase can be understood in either of two ways. – wikipedia

[All these happened yesterday]

Bio 102: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (lec)

Ma’am P: What muscle is found exclusively in male mammals?

Psych classmate (itago sa pangalang JACKIE): Uh.. errector muscle?

HAHAHA mali sagot niya but it was really funny

Bio 140: Genetics (lab)

Exercise was about tetrad analysis in Sordaria. Sir Q was explaining how haploid mutant (t) and wild (+) strains of Sordaria meet and merge to form diploid zygotes that immediately form haploid ascospores inside cases called asci. Siyempre drawing drawing sa board..

Anyway I don’t know kung ako lang nakapansin pero parang maraming natatawa (si Sir din ata!) nung nagddrawing na siya ng mga drawing na si Sir lang ang nakakaintindi. Pero sure ako na pwede talaga siya mamisinterpret. hehe. Ano ba yan, hyphae ng mycelium ng fungi o dalawang taong naghoholding hands? Diploid zygote ba yan o some other thing with the arrow like thingy (hmm basta yun yon!)? Ang saya ng Bio 140! Tingnang mabuti ang larawan. Natatawa ka rin ba?


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