Yesterday I was listening to Jam 88.3’s The Big Breakfast Show on my way to school. That day they had the Cash Call. The caller who gets to answer their trivia question correctly wins 2 tickets to the My Chemical Romance concert, 2 tickets for the premiere of 27 (or was it 24?) Dresses, and a thousand pesos.

So the category that day was… biology! haha

The caller was a dude, and the question was “What is the only mammal that is capable of true flight?

“You have 8 seconds,” says Hillary.

Cue 8-second gameshow music. After 8 seconds..

“Okay, what’s your answer?”

“uhh… Crocodile?”

To that lucky/unlucky caller, I have a few things to say to you:

  1. You are a mammal. Yogi Bear is a mammal. The crocodile will NEVER, ever, be a mammal; unless it grows breasts.
  2. Where in the world did you ever see a flying crocodile?!
  3. You are a disgrace and a pitiful evidence to the worsening state of education in the Philippines.

Grr. Buti hindi ka nanalo. Bleh


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