On mushy-ness.

Do people change that easily when they suddenly find themselves in a relationship that you never really thought they’d get into?

How come that friend of mine whom I’ve known for such a long time to be cynical about love is now.. mushy?

Not that I’m anti-mushy. Haha. I’m sure I’ve been mushy myself.. It’s just so weird seeing it in people I least expect to be mushy.

I believe our religion teacher in high school taught us something about the stages of love (or was it marriage? haha). There’s a name for those stages. But in my own words, the first stage is definitely the “I-can’t-live-without-you” stage, where love is usually very intense because of the new-ness of the relationship.

Unfortunately this stage isn’t permanent and eventually the two parties learn more about each other. The good stuff and the bad stuff. Sometimes, if they cannot handle the bad stuff about the other, the illusion formed during the beginning stages disappears, and causes disappointment (and frustration. and despair. <-bio 140).

What makes relationships last is whether or not the two can face the difficulties of seeing the imperfections of each other and accept those flaws as what they are. Or as I always say to (^^,) whenever one of us messes up : “hey, it’s part of the package.”

When the acceptance is there, then the relationship stabilizes.

I wonder how long my friend stays in that “I-can’t-live-without-you” stage. Hmm. I think it will be quite a while.


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