On books, field trips, and independence (?)

I’ve been acting like a spoiled brat recently because I couldn’t find a bookstore near enough that has the Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy book by Hyman.. Apparently it’s out of stock, and since Saturday I’ve been moping and complaining that I wouldn’t be able to read the first few chapters. But Roni lent me hers this morning… Yey! Thanks Roni.

It turns out that I’ll need separate books for 116 and 116.1 too.. How can studying the lives of invertebrates turn out to be expensive? X.x For the lab, joining the field trip is an absolute requirement and that would need around 2-3k budget per person. Waaah. But I heard the field trip was great. I guess that’s something to look forward to.

I didn’t get my 72.1 slot this sem, just like I didn’t get 71.1 last year. Sad. But I’ll just take it in the summer, together with p.i.100. That way, I’ll just have bio subjects my whole senior year (I’ve finished my PE and GE requirements already). Also, Sir F says we have to think who our thesis advisers would be by January next year already.. Wow, time flies so fast..

So should my thesis be about plants, animals, or what? Help


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