First Day After the 6-Day Unexpected Vacation

Why is it such a trend for many instructors and professors in our institute to include stuff we didn’t even discuss in class on our exams? Isn’t that sadistic?

*rant rant rant*

I met Ate M for the first time today for the SA duty. Actually I was supposed to meet her last week but because of the long vacation meetings were cancelled. Wow, she’s doing her masteral thesis on (wait.. I’ll try to remember) frustration and stress and school achievement?I think.. Hehehe. Anyway, I find it cool that I would be able to help her out.

*citizen of the year!*

Hahaha. Guess what I’ve been up to for the last 2 days of the long break. DVD marathon! Yey! Of Heroes! Hehehe. I know I’m a bit left behind by the trend but I like to do things at my own pace, thank you very much. Surprisingly, I like the series now that I’m watching it. I’m almost finished with Season 1. Is there already a Season 2?

*to R: I forgot to tell you that you haven’t told me yet about this recent entry of yours. Hmm.
*to B: You surprised me there. Hmm.
*to T: Uy, sino yung bad person na nang-injan sayo? BAD! Sugurin natin. Dapat nilibre mo na lang ako ng fries.


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