Six Haikus

My dad and sister are still not here yet. 😛 Sabi ni ate manlilibre siya ng food today sa SC ng 5 30 kaso it’s already an hour at wala pa sila. Oh well. It’s a happy problem (ika nga ni mom) kasi that means they’re doing work.

my stomach rumbles
big sister, dad; not yet here
so very hungry

We had reporting at analytical chemlab today. In spite of the very hard experiment we had to discuss in front of our (comparatively) very —quiet— non-blockmate classmates, and the fact that Aidz was not there with us (stranded in Boracay yesterday so he wasn’t able to come to UP in time), Roni, Mae and I pulled it off with the help of crayons, manila paper, chooey toffee (?) and chocnut. The way to Ma’am Lea’s heart is through her stomach. Hehe.

huh. no reaction
the lab is oh-so-quiet
are THEY autistic?!

The usual Nismed break.. Remembering the tuna carbonara I ate for lunch makes me hungrier right now…

the fishy pasta
it costs sixty-five pesos
plus special iced tea

Chem lec was okay. Ma’am (Rebonded hair) finally realized that our class was behind in the topics so she paced herself faster. Which was good. I slept a maximum of 3 minutes haha. Great improvement! We learned that strong acids don’t make good buffer solutions. so there.

sodium acetate
salt for acetic acid
don’t know how it tastes.

I then went to Vanguard to hopefully rehearse routines for the Tagisayawan but Clark was not there. So JB served as the “post” while I reviewed the tango and waltz. Hehe. Thanks post-guy.

progressive side step
inside edge; do not forget
circular footwork.

So now I’m here.. Dad’s still not here. I want to go to training.. Huhu..

so you tell me that
huh? what do i have to do
jump for joy? i can’t!

(*i’ll leave that to your interpretation.. i don’t get it myself.. i’m not a poet.. :P)


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