Too sick to see any changes this weekend

Ok.. so I got sick yesterday.. I had a very very bad case of cold. But I’m not blaming it on staying up all night for the past few days. hehe. I had to type eleven documents from scratch last Friday night, and I guess it took a toll on my already exhausted brain. Haha.

But I’m feeling way better now. Promise! (Actually I can’t afford to be sick.. Major subjects are pretty demanding already..)


I now have a new savings account with BDO.. with an ATM card na.. I don’t think I want to learn how to use it. I might abuse my spending power! haha. As if I’m not abusing my spending power at the moment huh?


And mom bought a new Globe plan for me so that I won’t be caught load-less again. This is the second time I’ve been under Plan and the third time I’ve changed numbers this year. Haha! Of course I’m not stupid enough to post that number here.. However, I’ve flooded my Friendster bulletin board.. so that’s pretty annoying too. :p


Random Messages:

AIDZ – Wow!! Pasalubong ko mula Boracay ah.. As I said.. Ang mahal ng gamot ng allergy mo. Kelangan mo pa palang pumunta sa beach at magpakababad sa sea water. hehe. Enjoy!
RONI – How’s your phone? Ayos na ba?
JB – Nope, I’m not mad. Haha. Naoverwhelm nga lang talaga. But I’m feeling better already. 🙂
BA – Punta ka training this Tuesday?
PEPA – Thanks for linking this blog to your Multiply site! Nakakatouch. 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you!
JEVIC – Where are you?? 🙂
MAITI – Kaya pala tau hindi nagmmeet.. Hindi nagjive ang schedules natin. Next sem!
BERO – Hehe ulet…


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