Sometimes it pays to take a second look.

Read this:


Read it again.

This was the brand written all over Ate Tin’s new mp3 player with a matching strap (which she got for a really good bargain! Idol!). And yesterday, I was joking around with her and dad, and I said:

Ano ba yan, kelangan pa bang iadvertise ang “hotness” nyan? Haha! Piping hot daw o. [PAY’ ping hat]

Laughter. Hehe.

Tas kwento ni Ate kanina (habang naglalakad papuntang terminal ng trike, with her mp3 player on and my phone’s music player on too so mukha kami parehong may hearing aid):

::Mas okay na tong strap no?
}}Oo nga, wala na ung “Piping Hot”. Haha.

Turns out na may kaibigan si Ate na namisread ung nakasulat, and he pronounced it as [PEEP’ing hat]! So ayaw na tuloy suotin ni ate. Baka mapagkamalan nga siyang mute person. Hehe.

::Pwede yang maging title ng blog! “Piping Hot.”
}}Oo, tas walang nakapost kasi pipi nga yung tao! Puro pictures lang!



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