Batch 0405

Our dear directress, Sister Ma. Rebecca Maglalang, OSB, administrators, the Benedictine Sisters, Board of Trustees, PTA Board, beloved teachers and parents, friends, and fellow graduates, good afternoon.

Ten years ago when I first stepped at St Scholastica’s Academy, I was armed with nothing but sheer curiosity and enthusiasm.

I was like a blank canvas, devoid of color and brilliance.

Then here I met the likes of Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Liwayway Arceo, and Lea Salonga.

With their meticulous strokes and unfailing guidance, meaning and depth were brought to my once pallid surface.

Now, I have become a priceless piece of work, still to be enhanced to become a masterpiece.

For most of us graduates, leaving this school behind will prove to be a difficult task. It is simply too hard to let go of the comforts of our second home and face the upcoming difficulties of our college life.

However, I do not believe out batch should all think this way.

Indeed, college life is going to be tough, but I am certain that the formation we have undergone in this institution will never fail to help us accomplish out goals in life.

As we leave this school to undertke more difficult challenges in the real world, we should not forget the people who have greatly contributed to our formation as Benedictine students.

First of all, thank you, dear parents, for being here by our side. You are, in fact, our inspiration behind the hard work and perseverance that go into every single thing we accomplish.

We would also like to express thanks to our dear administrators, most especially Sister Rebecca, for teaching us how to be responsible for our own actions and how to be proactive when faced with difficult situations in life.

We are also greatful to you, dear teachers, for being incredibly devoted to your profession. You were always willing to share a part of yourselves through each and every lesson you gave, not only on the concepts learned about the subject, but more importantly, on the invaluable principles about life itself.

Our sincerest thanks also go to our dear service personnel, for making our stay here in St Scho pleasant and more comfortable through your relentless dedication to your work.

Thank you, dear friends and classmates, for making each day in and out of this school delightful and unforgettable. You have never failed in providing support and companionship in our times of need, and sharing our times of happiness.

Finally, thank you, dear God, for being the driving force in our lives, inspiring us to do our very best for Your greater glory. Without Your saving grace and love, nothing is possible.

Leaving this school is not going to be easy.

We shall part ways, walk our own path, and learn how to be independent.

Nevertheless, there is no need to fear, because by living out the values we have learned in this institution, we will truly be able to prepare ourselves for the more ardous journey that is to come.

Congratulations, my fellow graduates, and our sincerest thanks to everyone.

Good afternoon to all.


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