I miss you, blog

Now I’m back!

At last.. After a week, I’m blogging again.

Went back to Manila two days ago from a five day trip to Davao. Ang ganda dun sobra.. I would really want to go back there someday. Recently ko lang nadiscover na maramirami rin kaming kamag-anak dun, and they’re all nice people 😀 There’s no pollution and traffic, the food is great (Kinilaw and mangosteen.. the best), and there’s a laidback attitude you’ll never find here in Manila.

I’ll post the pictures on my next entry! Watch out for it. Right now I’m still choosing what pictures to post because I have so many.. 250+ I think. Haha. Ayoko namang sobrang bagal magload ng page diba.

I miss everybody..

As for pasalubong.. Hm.. Kayo pumunta sa bahay! Haha. We have durian, pomelo, mangosteen, and other fruits.. take ur pick!

I suggest you get the durian though.. I don’t like it that much. 😀


You know who you are..

You are making me darn confused right now. And frightened.


Magsusummer ako!!

Kukunin ko na ung Math 54 this summer para maalis na sa burden ko for next year. I’ll take Line Dance too (under ma’am A! whoohoo. magsawa siya sken) for PE. Haha!

I hope it’s going to be a busy summer. Kukunin ko na ung classcards ko this week, tapos enrollment sa Monday. By Thursday next week we’ll be off to Bicol for the Holy Week. By Easter Monday, papasok na for Summer 0506. Whoohoo!




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