If it weren’t because of my stupidity.. this would have been a very very special day. And just like it says in the title (of the post), nanghihinayang talaga ako. Anyway. This song’s the one playing on my mind right now.. I love this song since the first time I heard it:

Will you be my favorite regret?
Could I be your sweetest mistake?
Trade one step back for two ahead
Just a little time, that's all
Don't be afraid to fall
This catch I won't forget,

My favorite regret.

Won't you let me chip away the stone?
Are you really better off alone?
Won't you let your guard down one more time
just like I've done mine?
We'll look until we find something neither will forget

My favorite regret

My favorite regret

Will you be my favorite regret?
Cut the strings attached but save the thread
And I know your feelings are probably right
But just this once tonight
As you lay in your bed
Place a little on this bet
My favorite regret

..strangely enough, I can relate to it at the moment.

If only I could turn back time, I would gladly leave this present moment just to go back to those good old days.. with you.

Let me quote from a dear friend’s literary work.

Whenever I look at you, I feel a sudden sadness because I know that you’re someone who could never be mine. Maybe you’ve noticed the sudden changes I am having lately. I just can’t go on forever, pretending you’re only a friend but deep inside you’re very special. I hate myself for not being able to admit this stupid feeling I have for you. Your smile keeps on haunting me. My mind is telling me to forget you, but how? Those times we’ve spent together will always be with me because I know that’s all I have for you. If ever the time comes that I’ll be able to know the way I am feeling, promise you’ll never hate me. I’m just too afraid of the consequences that are bound to happen. I know it’s wrong to love you and there’s no one to blame but me. I cannot do anything but to love you from a distance, so forgive me for being so selfish. I know whatever happens, you and I will only be fantasy. Only in my dreams I can have you, only then can I call you mine. But when dream is gone, reality creeps through my head and again proclaim that you’re someone who could never be mine.

by Joanna Marie Santos
19 May 2002

I know.. it’s so pathetic quoting from someone else’s work. But still, the meaning is there.

*sigh* to a day of regrets.


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