A very happy birthday to you, Pauline!

Belated happy birthday Pauline (I prefer calling you this than “pepa”..)!

Thanks for inviting me tonight! Natutuwa talaga ako kasi parang nag-reunion din tayo2ng mga Scholasticans. Woohoo! Maraming pumayat.. haha! Coolness. And even though your admiration for Sugarfree’s already common knowledge for us, it was still surprising to see them in person to perform for everybody. Whoa! Di ko nga sila nakilala sa itsura eh. Haha! But there’s no mistaking the music and the vocals. It is Sugarfree!

Well, dahil (I just realized) na hindi ako nakabili ng gift for you today ^__^’ consider this blog entry especially made for you.


Checking the equipment…

It’s them! It’s them! *shriek*

“Tulog na, birthday girl..”

Picture, picture! Haha.

I’m really very happy you got one of your ultimate dreams fulfilled – to see your favorite band perform for you and your friends. Aww.. Not all people are lucky enough to experience that, you know, but I must say you have been such a blessing for all of us that you certainly deserve to have (all) your wishes fulfilled.

I wish you all the best things life can bring. I hope that you’ll always be happy in what you do, and I’m certain that God will always be there to guide you in your journey. [naks]

Thank you so much for everything! Mwah!


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