Recent pics

Meet my friend Jolu Bunda! I met him sa AJSS two years ago and we’re now both studying at UP. He’s such a great friend! Kakwentuhan ko to sa casaa eh. 😀

Ang wacky sobra!! Hahaha.. Here I go smiling and all he does is goof off 😀

I think I took this next picture last Sunday while I was too busy bumming around to study for the midterms. Nyahaha! It was a windy day (pretty good actually) and it was a good thing my cellphone didn’t get blown by the strong gusts.

The person is my dad 😀 a natural horticulturist. Coolness!

I so love bloopers. Especially when it’s in English! Wahaha.. I saw this wtitten on the semi-defective coffee dispenser at the Math Building. Just in case you need help, all you have to do is:

Mental note: look up those words in the dictionary.



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