I saw you today.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t expecting you to go.. I’m used to people breaking their promises and commitments that I’ve lowered my standards already. But still you were there. You came early.

We had nothing to do but wait. What else could we do?

We talked. It’s amazing how much more I have learned about you these days. I’ve already known in the past that you’re an artistic person.. but I’ve never thought you love photography as much as I do. I know you play the violin, but it’s only now I’ve discovered that you play vocalist in the band you formed with your friends.

You invited me to go to your gig this Valentine’s Day. I know where the venue is, and it’s not that far actually. Now that I think of it, I should have said yes. I made up a silly excuse.. I said I was going with my friends to the fair that day..

I did not see your reaction. But the thing is.. why did you keep on insisting all afternoon?

The workshop started.

I know it must have been insensitive for you, being dragged into this dancesport activities. I apologized so many times.. but you said it’s okay.

You and I are partners.

I taught you some techniques for the different dances. Your determination impresses me. Together, we danced. You held me tight as we waltzed slowly across the gym, mindful of each step. We laughed as we did the quickstep, and kept frame as we danced the tango. It’s funny how you pulled my arm when I said push, and how you kept a serious face when you joked (which made me laugh even more). We enjoyed the chachacha routine we did during the training, and looked into each other’s eyes for a split second as we prepared to spot turn in the rhumba. Jive was our favorite, even though it was tiring for both of us. I worried about your asthmatic condition. I asked if you’re okay, and even though you clearly needed rest, you’re still game for the next session.

You accompanied me to the kiosk for the break. I bought drinks for both of us so that I can have spare change for my money. You said thanks. We talked again as we went back to the gym. Sitting on one of the benches facing the highway, we talked about our favorite songs. You know the song I like, and sung a few lines. I noticed your love for singing. Why do we like the same songs? And why did you keep on letting me hear you sing?

Once again, you invited me to go to the Valentine’s Day gig.

We continued training. We were both exhausted, but happy. I rested my head on your shoulder several times out of tiredness. You didn’t mind. Why?

Before the training was over, other members had a demonstration of some routines. Both of us were amazed, but our co-app consulted us with a problem regarding her ex. I backed out, having no ability to dish out advice about romantic relationships. But you were so helpful to her. I can’t help but smile.

You insisted that we leave the workshop together. We left at twilight.

We walked towards the jeep terminal. You wanted to walk on my right side, nearest the road. I asked why. You said it’s standard operating procedure for a guy to be on the more dangerous side. I laughed and said that not all guys I know seem to follow that SOP. It’s supposed to be done, you said.

We crossed the road. You switched places as we cross, so that I don’t get myself near any vehicles.

I asked what other standard operating procedures should a guy follow. You looked at my mailman bag (an enormous bag) and said that he could carry the bag for me. Oh, no, I say, you can’t bear the weight of my bag. Even I get tired of carrying it around all day. But you insist. And even if I want to get my bag back, you didn’t return it until we waited for a jeep in Katips.

We rode the Katipunan jeep and sat near the driver.

Out of the blue, you share your story. You told me about your blockmate whom you pursued in vain. You showed me the only text message from her that remained in your phone. You told me how exactly a year ago (at Valentine’s Day) you told her how you felt. I smiled at your story; it seemed to be the stuff romantic movies are made of. And I told you how I had attempted to love at my first year in college, and how I have coped since then. You listened.

We went down the jeep. I started to walk towards the main road, but you said you were going to treat me with ice cream at the convenience store. I was surprised.

You opened the door for me.

You were sad at the sign posted near the cashier. The Belgian ice cream was currently unavailable. You bought two candy bars for the two of us. You asked if it was okay with me. And I told you I’m addicted to chocolate. Haha

We walked to the other side of the boulevard. It was already nearing seven in the evening and the jeeps were mostly full. I know it would take time for me to find a ride, and told you to go ahead of me and get a ride home. Still, you waited. And when I rode the SSS Vill jeepney, I saw you cross the road to get home.

I’m going to see you next week.


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