Baby, etc.

Guess where? Clue: It’s located near Commonwealth. 😀

Another snapshot of Jevic. Coolness. Inspired ata! Haha

My inner evil is working when I took this picture.. Read my previous article entitled Kapay!.. He’s the crazy guy I mentioned along CP Garcia Road. Cool cape though.. I should’ve read the caption..

The newest addition to our family! (“Baby” in a figurative sense, that is.) She’s a Labrador Retriever daw.. I’m not sure.. but she’s certainly a pure breed.. Dad named her Onyx after her shiny black coat. Grabeh! Siya na ang pinakamakulit na pet dito sa bahay. Pagbukas pa lang ng gate, nilalambing na ko. Aww. How sweet!

I should capture more close-ups. haha


It’s been so long since I’ve updated my blog again.. Darn!

Monday.. What happened? Not much.. All I remember is that I started to feel nothing since that day.. Maybe it comes with developing resilience to the things around you.. like what they warned you about back in high school.. It’s a different world out there, and that world, sadly, does not revolve around you. Ouch! Lessons learned this day: 1, an organism either adapts or becomes extinct during environmental changes (env sci); 2, i like reporting (philo); 3, darryl was limp this day; 4, get ready for math midterms (expect the unexpected); 5, jive is tiring so make sure you have enough energy (pe3).

Tuesday.. All I know is I almost got late for the consultation for the concept paper for English Class. I got to Ma’am Calderon’s room at the last 3 minutes of my 15-min consultation. Hehe. Not much to consult about though. She said I have the ideas pretty much present in the outline and it’s just a matter of elaborating on the points. Tuesday highlights include:
…chem lab: There was a spare bunsen burner at our room, and it happened to be the perfect place for a wasp (about an inch long) to store its green caterpillars (do wasps have green wormy offspring?) Everybody was terrified, well, maybe except for Adrian, who seemed to enjoy torturing the poor caterpillar souls..
…training: JB and Paulo came! This adds 2 more names under the apps list of ODE. They need more training, but nonetheless, I’m fine with more company.

Today!.. MATH MIDTERMS.. That’s all I can say. I came to MB at ten in the morning to study for the exam at 1 pm! I got to study properly with the ambience (?) of the second floor. I met Troy (Minemorize mo pa ba ang derivatives ng inverse hyperbolic functions?) and Mae (Hi Margie!.. Ang lamig Margie!) and Roni (*shriek* I like your top!!!!) and Aidz (*silence*). All I can say about the exam is that it’s not too easy nor too hard; it was challenging.

And then my world turned hurly-burly when Ate Zarah texted me and asked if I could sub for her for the dorm tour at Ilang2. Oh no! I forgot the steps..and the attire.. and my shoes! I went to Kalay to talk to Clark about it then we figured that I can get home, get my costume, and go back to UP by 5 30 pm. It was 3 30 when I left the dorm, and I arrived home at 4 30, wore my attire (pink pink pink) and ran out the subdivision. Thank goodness my dad was there to get me back to UP in time! Thanks dad! I got to Kalay by 5 pm by car (with my dad implying the whole inconvenience of the situation – once again, thanks dad!) just in time to see the UP Streetdance having a demo at the Multipurpose Hall. Cool!

I saw Clark and Polo and Aidz there. I commented on Clark’s outfit (black pants and white shirt) and how dressed I was compared to him. Laughter! Then I saw Josh (co-app) and asked if he had other outfits that Clark can use (preferably pink! haha) and he lent Clark his black polo studded with little beads (cool). All Black and All pink! That’s Hunts – este – us!

Clark and I walked to Ilang2 dorm and waited and waited. As usual.. ODE people are late. Haha! We talked about issues and life in general since we had nothing to do outside the dorm. Good thing there were food stalls around.. Hehe.

It was already 7 when the show started. Ilang2 is a ladies’ dormitory so we got the guys to partner with the dormers and teach them the chachacha and salsa. Some people were reluctant at first but (i learned that) making them dance is just a matter of making the first move, pulling them out of their seats, and dragging them onto the dancefloor. Pretty soon we had a bigger audience who cheered on the ones having their “lessons.”

And then it was our turn: Clark and I’s first solo performance. Having a room full of spectators watching you dance is more nervewracking than performing before a whole audience (in a theater, for example). We danced our routine as always (chachacha) and there was (omg) applause.. out of politeness perhaps? Hahaha. I think we did Ok naman..

After the samba and swing demos, we distributed flyers for this Saturday’s dance workshop and then went home. 😀

My mom reminded me again to prioritize my studies before anything else. This time I’m listening to her more intently.. Inasmuch as I get happiness from dancing, I must admit I’ve been having second thoughts.. I’m currently maintaining them as thoughts for now.. I’m not taking them seriously yet. But if I’m faced with another jeopardizing situation between acads and ODE, I’ll back out from dancing temporarily.

That’s life.


*comment to self: is this blog long or is this blog long??*


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